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XmasShopperRN is a ASN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. CSC1

    I have my objective assessment scheduled for this Thursday. I took my pre assessment about 1.5 weeks ago with an 81%. My mentor keeps saying that the objective assessment tends to be more difficult than the pre, yet the questions are formatted simila...
  2. WGU MSN Leadership & Management

  3. Has anyone used a loan to pay for western govenors?

    Have you completed a 2013-2014 FAFSFA application? The financial aid process was a little tedious, but not all that bad. For an 8/1 start date you'll need to have payment arrangements finalized by 7/22. I'm not saying it's impossible, but several ste...
  4. New ER nurse...is there any hope for me?!?!

    Also, place the limb in a dependent position and let gravity help you out once you've spotted a vein and are getting set up. And reassure the pt's who question your IV skills that you're just looking and won't stick if you don't see anything; once yo...
  5. CSC1

    I finalized my first term with my mentor yesterday, and I'm starting out with CSC1 (Nutrition). I was hoping to get feedback from anyone who's finished or currently taking the class about what I'm in store for. My mentor said that typically students ...
  6. Transcript Evaluation

  7. Is anyone out there having such a hard time with WGU?

    E2NURSE, I don't start until 7/1, but if it's any comfort to you, Biochemistry is supposed to be a performance assessment class. So while you'll have material to read and learn, it doesn't sound like there's much focus on testing. Stats is an objecti...
  8. Anyone else starting RN-to-BSN on 7/1?

    nursehuffandpuff, what did you think about EWB orientation? I've done online classes before, but never an entire program. Hopefully the student portal, Task Stream, and all of the other WGU things are as user-friendly as everyone's made them out to b...
  9. University of Maryland Medical Center

    If I'm not mistaken, with 2 yrs of RN experience, you would be considered a Clinical Nurse II at a base of 28/hr I think. Depending on how the unit is structured, you could also be looking a shift differential. Good luck!
  10. Anyone else starting RN-to-BSN on 7/1?

  11. online RN to MSN for NP and earning BSN as you go?

    Western Governors University's RN-to-MSN program awards students a BSN.
  12. In addition to the message board and other resources on the WGU student portal, I was hoping to meet and chat with other RN-to-BSN students who also will be starting on 7/1 to see how you're getting prepared and to keep in contact once classes start.
  13. What are the Requirements for the RN-BSN Program

    Hi russki, as of 2 days ago, I've gotten through all of the transcript evaluation and financial aide stuff, so I'm all set to start the RN to BSN at WGU on 7/1. How many credits can transfer is decided on a case by case basis. You'll have to submit a...
  14. Applied today, we'll see what happens

    I start the the RN to BSN on 7/1. Your statistics has to be current (taken within the past 5 yrs) to be considered for transfer. It sounds like you're going to have to take Biochemistry. Out of GE credits, I only have three to take: statistics (took ...
  15. Online RN-BSN Program WITH Clinical Component

    Not at all. I'm set to start their RN-to-BSN program 7/1, and what helped make my final decision was WGU's awesome reputation. Out of many other online schools, WGU comes very highly recommended and is very affordable. There's no real motivation for ...