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What's in your pocket - ER Style

  1. 3 I know there are some older threads similar to this but I figured a fresh one with an ED focus might not be a bad idea.

    Stethoscope - Goes without saying...but for sack of being through. I actually keep a backup in my locker just in case I forget the main one. I tend to keep a roll of tape on it as well. I also found a really cool LED light that I clip to the part of the tubing. Made by princetec called impulse and it is the carabiner version. About $10 here on amazon.

    Ballpoint Pen - I hate messing around with caps so it is one of the clicky ones (fancy term I know..) They also write well through carbon copies...yes we still have a couple of things still in paper - and carbon copy versions.

    Scissors - The item that never finds it's way back to it's owner. And every time you give it out you preface it with "Make sure I get these back." Saw some crazy fancy ones in the store for $15 - they were black and seemed really nice. Also saw myself losing them very quickly. I actually am currently using a this pair from staples. They are quite sturdy and are titanium which if nothing else sounds pretty rugged. Haha but they are quite durable. Other option is to buy them in bulk on ebay and as they get lost it isnt a big deal.

    I usually ditch the keys and wallet in the locker but do keep the phone and a little cash on me. Phone is nice for calcualtions and I have tried various reference software but I lean toward hard copy or whatever reference is on the computer. Bigger screen..

    Everyone has their own way of organizing patient notes (some people call this their "brain"). I am not one who can just absorb it all as someone shpeals a dozen or so facts about 4 different patients. I bounce between taking an 8.5 by 11 and index cards. I am currently using the paper and find that most helpful. And bottom line is having something to write on is pretty clutch. How many times have you used an alcohol prep, paper towel, or gauze pad to jot down a recent set of VS or phone number or whatever you need to remember.

    I try to keep it light so my last must have is my badge. Seems like another no brainer but I actually see it as a tool. It is on a badge reel for the entry swipes. Key to my locker. And i have a set of badge card references on there that I find really helpful. One converts pounds to kilograms which every triage note requires (at our place) yet the computer system doesnt calculate it for you into kg...pretty crazy. It is also helpful when you and the doctor look at a sick pt and need to come up with a guesstimate on the spot. Found them on ebay under rn badge card here. I also have the conversion card and the pedi card. I try to use pocket guides but most of them are very "pocket-like." I end up leaving them on the COW or in the locker and never using them.

    What do you find helpful?
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    Stethoscope around my neck.

    In my pockets...
    Trauma shears, pens, Sharpie, sticky notepad, alcohol swabs, syringe caps, 3 mL syringe (1-2), tape, and of course.. my iPhone.
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    Stethoscope in batclip on waist, 2 pens, 2 betadine swabs (random but useful), penlight (probably unnecessary), hemostats/tape/shears, digital watch set on military time, SL NTG in left pants pocket.
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    My pockets contain: Pens (2 - 4 diff colors, totally unneeded but looks nice all the colors in a row), penlight, permanent marker (mostly for marking syringes during codes, has been used on foreheads during mass cass incidents), white board marker (sick of always looking for that one and makes for a nice marker on the mirror/window during codes when we lack paper ^^; bit nasty when I mix the two markers up :-( ), loads of stopcaps, alcohol/chlorhexidine spray, trauma shears, scissors, kocher (not sure what the english term is for these), pedi reference guide, ER pocket book (has all the standing orders for when we go into prehospital care), badges, cell phone (for calculations/apps), proper tourniquet for IV placement, keys, cash, beeper (depending on assignment), department telephone (depending on assignment).

    Good thing our uniforms come with seven pockets.
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    For me, this question should read "What's in your pockets", plural, as I'm quite well known for the plethora of them on my scrubs. That said, on to the tally...

    Left sleeve #1 and 2: Pen and penlight.
    Left chest: Surgical site marker, misc personals (chap stick, artificial tears, etc).
    Belt clip: Stethoscope, mobile phone w/ apps.
    Left hip: Leatherman multi-tool. (Amazingly handy for fixing gronked-on clamps, busted electronic gear, etc...)
    Right hip: Wallet, loose change.
    Left thigh #1: Carpuject adaptor.
    Left thigh #2: Department SpectraLink.
    Left thigh #3: Rolls of tape (1 silk, 1 paper - nothing quite so annoying as "I'm allergic to tape!!" just as you're securing that impossible-to-obtain IV...)
    Right thigh #1: Pocket vision card and tape measure.
    Right thigh #2: Trauma shears.
    Right thigh #3: Alcohol and Betadine swabs.
    Left lower leg: Misc papers.
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    20G IV
    2-4 chloro prep pads
    Pens, pens, and more pens....
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    2 pairs of gloves, alcohol swaps, sheet of paper, ballpen and stethoscope
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    our scrubs have 1 pocket on top, one in back. Being hospital scrubs, they are small pockets and never enough of them. I used to keep more things, but now it's just a pen or two (hospital provided, of course), GUM, and sometimes my hospital-required hospital phone. I don't even carry my stethoscope around my neck, but nearby where my assignment is and I'll grab it when I need it and put it back. I'm not a believer in hip packs or other assorted bags for carrying things. I have a work bag that carries the MOST important things: coffee and high protein snacks. Everything else I need I can find within a few feet (tape, flushes, etc). It's way too busy to have a million things on my person. I'm too busy sweating and when I finally get to pee, if my pockets are full, they will then be empty all over the bathroom floor.

    I used to buy nice pens, or even semi-nice pens, as well as nicer stethoscopes and they all have disappeared. Ah well, I have learned that I can find what I need and even halfway decent stethoscopes hear what you need to know.
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    Lol at some of you having the utility supplies in their pockets. why do you need all that?

    Tape and alcohol swabs. That's all.. Stethoscope ofcourse
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    Quote from Nurseadam
    Lol at some of you having the utility supplies in their pockets. why do you need all that?

    Tape and alcohol swabs. That's all.. Stethoscope ofcourse
    Because the one day you don't carry it, you'll need it.
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    sserrn - how do you like the batclip?
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    Quote from sserrn
    Stethoscope in batclip on waist, 2 pens, 2 betadine swabs (random but useful), penlight (probably unnecessary), hemostats/tape/shears, digital watch set on military time, SL NTG in left pants pocket.
    How do you like the batclip???
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    Much better than around my neck! It's a worthwhile investment. My former preceptor had a cheaper plastic one from adc but I don't think it would work for every scope.