Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)

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    Yikes...has anyone taken this course. I am going to be stressed until next weekend when the course is finished with test stations and an exam....OMG...what did I get myself into.

    Any info, tips, etc...would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a great weekend.

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    I haven't taken it since 96 but remember that it wasn't that bad. The people I took it from were very helpful. I don't believe anyone failed. Good luck!
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    I took this course in 2001. I thought it was "full-on"

    The hardest thing I found was to slow down at the skill stations and verbalise everything. Our group had to repeat the spinal immobilisation because of a perpetuating error in selecting the right collar size.

    The theory was quite easy and you should already know enough to get by. Get to know the ABCs for the skill stations and you won't fail.

    The facilitator told us it was as much about working under pressure as what we knew.
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    This is an excellent course to take!!!! It really isn't that bad. No one is in it to make you fail. Just remember to organize your thoughts at the stations, remember your abc's and work head to toe and you'll be fine!!!!
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    A good course taught, when I took it, by people who are trying to teach you something, not find fault with everything you do. Read the book, pay attention, ask questions if you need to. It is basically an extended version of BCLS.
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    Thanks everyone. Just got off nights so I'll get some zzz's and will crack open the book later today.

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    Speaking from an instructor standpoint, a good instructor will be there to teach you about core trauma concepts and actions not be nitpicking about every little detail. True, you must do what is required to pass. The best way to do this is to slow down in the skill stations. The biggest mistake I see people make is forgetting A B C!!! Remember in the primary survey, if you find a problem you fix it (something in the airway? Clear it. Not breathing adequately? Assist? and so on).

    Listen to the lectures, get involved as much as you can during the practice sessions, ask to stay over if you need to. A good instructor will, have planned for some extra time after class just for this one on one practice. Thge night before the testing, get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast that morning, pay attention to the rest of the morning lectures (the need to know info will be in ALL lectures, the book has the additonal info).

    Most if not all questions rely more on common sense than anything else (which is what most trauma care is about).

    Good luck and have fun. TNCC is a fun course to take and teach!
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    I really enjoyed TNCC. I had great insructors and learned alot. Good luck and have fun!
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    I agree that TNCC is a great course. Just read your book, relax, pay attention and enjoy. They want you to do well. Good Luck
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    Primary survey is A B C D. I just took the course last week. Don't forget airway, breathing, circulation and deficit..(.neuro.).
    Other than that it is easy. i think the hardest part is when you aare at the skills stations you have to say..."holding c-spine, checking mouth, is there anything there like teeth, blood or swelling. Then looking at chest, is there respirations, how fast, depth...and so on..." Kind of a pain, considering we don't say outloud while working on a real pt. Anyway, i passed, all went well and yes it was fun.
    ps. secondary survey...E F G H I.

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