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I've only been in the ER for 2 months, but curious to other's reply to this. In my ER, we're required to do preg tests on all females (unless they've had a hyst) before giving Toradol. Does anyone else do this? Last week I... Read More

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    To me it's never been a big deal to get a urine HCG before we give Toradol. If they come in with Abd px or flank px we are getting urine anyway.

    We do not have a specific "policy" stating that we have to have an HCG before we give it but that is the standard of practice...just like checking for allergies before you give a med.

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    Pg tests on every female (even older ones w/out hyster etc - you never know!) No meds given until this comes back clear or otherwise. Ever.
    Check with your NUM/DON I suppose.

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