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Hi everyone, I just finished nursing school and studying for NCLEX while looking for a job at the same time. I interviewed at a hospital that has the largest number of ER patient intake in New Jersey. I was interested in the... Read More

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    Hey...guess what I graduated in May...started at a level 1 trauma center june 12th with NO prior experience!! I feel I had a great orientation/preceptor...I have been on my own since November and I feel like I've done good. I couldn't imagine ANYTHING else...floor nursing isn't for's all about the Adrenaline rush for me and ER nursing :-) it's a work of art...go for it!! Never second guess yourself, I'm glad I didn't!!

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    I think that you can go into the ED as a new grad but I would be very careful about where you go. Ask about the nurse patient ratio and make sure they have a good orientation program. Ask if you can shadow a nurse for a day and get a feel of the people in the department. Even after orientation you are going to get beat up occasionally. But if you have a good orientation and the people you are working with are willing to help you can hang. Not impossible for a new grad to go into the ED but I would be selective about where I went

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