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  1. I apologize if this has already been discussed in this forum, I couldn't find any posts about it with a search of the site... I was wondering if in other ERs the RNs access mediports and what experiences anyone may have had with the newer power ports. We frequently access mediports if the pt has them in my DEM, there's no certification or training beyond the initial orientation that is required to do so. we had an inservice about the newer power ports that pts are having placed that are great because they can use them for CT, however our inservice had taught us that when you feel the port it would be a triangle instead of square, that they would be placing the new powerports only and not using the older type, and that pts were supposed to carry cards with them identifying that they have the power port. since then i have had a few pts that had mediports placed within 6mo which based on what we were told it SHOULD be a power port, that they have no idea if its a power port, of course they aren't carrying a card with them, and the port feels square. after digging through their history in the computer we would find the notes about the placing of the device and sure enough its a power port. when i brought this up to our staff educators they were surprised as well because they were told they are only triangle shaped ports. so i'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these, and what shape they are in your pts.

    sorry about the long post, sometimes i get carried aware lol :typing
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  3. by   FlyingScot
    Oh,Oh,Oh!!! I can answer that. There is a new power port called a Smart Port (made by Angiodynamics) that unfortunately is round and feels just like a regular port (unlike the triangular Power Port with the three raised dots). The patient is supposed to carry a card identifying the port as CT compatible but they usually lose it. Quite frankly, relying on a patient to identify a piece of medical equipment isn't really, uh..."smart". At any rate you can use the Power Port needle with it if the patient needs a CT or a regular non-coring needle if no CT. I was stumped too when I first met this new port.
  4. by   ashleyjean3
    When in question if the patient has a chest xray, the port will say on it if it is power point (shows up on xray). At least the ones our facility uses do.
  5. by   PAERRN20
    I don't like the triangle ports. I think they are harder to access than the older ones. Anyone else think so?
  6. by   Larry77
    I remember they made a big deal about an inservice and training r/t accessing ports when I worked on a combo surg/oncology floor but have not received any training in the ED. So I have no idea what my coworkers have done as training but I know they teach it in the most popular local nursing school.

    As far as the new ports I have had good experience with them and have not had an issue at all. Our hospital is placing nothing but the power ports now so that is the only access device we use...I like the "wings"...also you can still use the power port device for regular ports.
  7. by   farmerRN
    I think it is when you use the power port brand needle they are harder to access. I work in ER and outpatient oncology at the same hospital...so I see some of the same people. In the clinic, if they are there for labs or treatment, we use our regular huber needles...which work fine...but in the ER we use only the power port brand needle, and then they are harder to access.
  8. by   Christy1019
    thank you for the info, i've actually had less issues accessing the power ports than the older mediports, plus its always a bonus to not have to search for a vein in someone that more often than not has nothing left, hence their mediport. the power ports we received the inservice on were made by Bard, i'll have to look up the one you mentioned by angiodynamics. and obviously i don't rely on the pt knowing about their catheter but if they tell me they've had it for a few weeks or months i know its more likely a power port.