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I'm looking to go into ED nursing and I was wondering what is the typical nurse to patient ratio on a relatively busy day. The program I interviewed for mentioned 7-8 patients and I thought it was a lot, especially in ED. Is that... Read More

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    Work in ny and it is pretty similar

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    Three to one 'regular' pts is our norm. Quite often we have a fourth mental health pt that doesn't require much of us once initial eval is done. We often get a fourth if an ambulance comes in when we are full, but once of our main 3 rooms is open that ambulance pt usually goes into that room getting us back to three.

    DC :-)
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    Patients should be assigned based on acuity not volume...I do per diem in a place with a 1:4 ratio and getting slammed with 4 half-dead patients at once is way more difficult than taking care of 10 stable ones.
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    Agreed, though in our case, our 3:1 (sometimes 4:1) as I just described is baseline. Someplace to start. We get a STEMI or CVA or respiratory distress or something and others jump in to help until things are manageable and then its still 1:1 for as long as needed, with others covering my other pts and rooms not getting filled until I am available.

    DC :-)
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    Quote from mzlizbit
    Level 2 Trauma ER in New York:
    Trauma: Max at 7:1
    Acute: Max at 9:1

    I've seen it go up to 11:1

    It's pretty sick and completely dangerous...
    That's absurd!! No way I would be there long!

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