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I found this on . thought this was way to true...:yeah: You are either dating or sleeping with a fireman, a cop, or a doctor. If not you claim to hate them because you have either a. been cheated... Read More

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    The original post was hilarious, and very true.... Blee, it was meant to be humorous and poke fun at the "imperfect" and crazy world of the ER.
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    I think this is funny and really true.

    The other day at should have seen the looks on the patient's faces when the tech drank out of the full urinal....of course, they didn't know about the jug if iced tea behind the desk.:chuckle
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    maybe I read this wrong..or took it the wrong way..?...I absolutely didnt have a problem w/ the all! I love the craziness of the ER..along w/ accuracy, of course. I agree w/ ANNE RNC, and quite a few of the set the record straight..I'm still laughing. after review, it looked to me like only one member had a problem w/ it. --no, not losing sleep over it ;-> and I too, would like a nurse w/ a sense of humor rather than a straight n narrow deadpan. thanx..just my 2cents.
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    oops, sorry annienc I put the wrong name, I meant the person who posted above you..I think I was in a rush or something when I wrote my response. =D. :bowingpur
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    thanx hana..appreciated.
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    Guilty of the "drank apple juice from a urinal" guess you had to be there, but I promise it was funny at the time. The horrified looks were the best.
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    Reality can be so much scarier than fiction!!
    Laugh or DIE that's my theory.
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    I am a medic student. My crew and I decided where to get lunch while working a code.
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    you know your an ER nurse if you can hold your bladder for 16
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    Love it, HanaRN!
    Thanks for the laugh!
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