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A co-worker told me about ICE apps that have all your med info listed for EMS / ER if you are found passed out . She said EMS always looks at your Phone for this app. I have a pice of paper in my... Read More

  1. by   abundantjoy07
    It's no good for me because my phone has an automatic lock on it.
  2. by   SpEdtacular
    I've looked in wallets but not usually phones (sometimes i'll check for a mom, dad, home #). Never phone apps. If you're at home some people keep their medical history and personal information on their refrigerators (I lived in a town that gave a "file of life" to the seniors, best idea ever) so sometimes we'll look there. If you take medications that's not a bad place to keep medical information because we look at those. Someone mentioned Medical alert jewelry.
  3. by   Roy Fokker
    I have ICE on my phone, my wallet carries all my relevant info.

    But 'my primary source' are my dog-tags: one tag with my name, blood type, and allergies; the other tag with "Contact" and following information.

    I don't take my tags off. Ever


    EDIT: No serious (or chronic) medical conditions - yet. But I'll add 'em to my tags too...
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  4. by   Elginite
    Sherman's ICE app works even when the phone is locked since it puts the emergency contact info on the wallpaper. That way the info is on the same screen as the lock screen. You do not need to lock the screen to get at the emergency contact info. This app is made available for other hospitals to customize with their own brand info since it's a valuable, possibly life-saving tool. See
  5. by   RNDude1
    Ditch the special app. Just create an ICE entry in your contacts with the needed information. Most EMS folks can work the popular phone models.
  6. by   Elginite
    Quote from Trekfan
    has anyone seen this app in use? how is it displayed on the phone ? does it come up on the look screen ?
    Yes, I have it on my iPhone and it works when locked -- well, at least it gives the emergency info name and phone number when locked so paramedics or anyone else know who to call. It allows you to put the information on the wallpaper (lock screen) so it comes on when you start up the phone, before you put in your pass code.
  7. by   Elginite
    If your phone is locked (like an iPhone), EMS cannot get to your ICE contacts. That's why the hospital offered this app. It's free and it works, so why not? It allows you to be covered in case of emergency, and you can still lock your phone.
  8. by   Elginite
    The app puts your ice contact on the LOCK screen so that it can be seen without having to unlock the phone. While you cannot get into the app without first unlocking the phone, you can at least get the name and phone number of the contact person without unlocking the phone. That person can give good emergency info and maybe even the lock code.