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To my ER colleagues, I am very sorry. Sometimes you try and try and try to teach patients about what symptoms require ER visits vs PCP or urgent care clinic. You can only beat your head into a wall... Read More

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    or...the guy who checks in at triage, sees a line building and realizes "shucks, my abdominal pain isn't getting in in front of chest pain?" flash forward 90 minutes...this gem returns home, calls 911 c/o chest pain. you know it, comes in code 2, gets right in a bed. yeah, we're onto you buddy...was at the bedside as the doc let him know how the ED rolls.

    priceless...i can gar-un-tee this fool will never pull this BS again.
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    every person is different in his choice and action and his ability to understand what u tell
    thank u for trying
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    "Hangnail, yeast infection, cold sx for 2 hours...seriously???"

    Reminds me though of a case from my early primary-care days: 40's-something woman with cc of recurrent yeast infections. Due to the "recurrent" part I ordered a somewhat wider workup, incl blood for HIV Ab, TSH...the lab thought the blood sample was funny, too liquidy, so they ran a CBC: Hgb was 3.5. Checked a new sample: Hgb 3.4. Sent her straight for direct admit. Got transfused several units obviously. Final dx: 7+ cm colon cancer, miraculously not metastatic.

    That yeast infection (and the clinic lab workers' intuition) almost certainly saved her life.

    (Oddly, the only symptom which was bugging her enough to present to the PCP for the first time in several yrs was the vaginal itch, not the 40+ lb unintentional weight loss, the change in stool caliber, nor the increased fatigue...)

    So, you never know for sure based on the CC. (Well, maybe the hangnail.)

    That said , y'all sure do describe some humdingers on this forum. Keep 'em coming!
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