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Hypothermia for Heart Attack Victims

  1. 0 Since ACLS guidelines now recommends hypothermia for stemi patients that are unconscious with return of spontaneous circulation, then shouldn't all emergency rooms have the capability to initiate therapeutic hypothermia ?

    Like many rural EDs, my ED is only 18 bed and doesn't have a hypothermic unit. That seems like bad news for anyone having a heart attack that gets transported to a rural ED.
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    That's my hospital policy. We have a special cooling kit and protocol setup for spontaneous circulation.
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    Our ED placed tons of ice packs on these pts, once in the ICU we applied the cooling system and started the protocol..
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    I'd love to get the equipment, we have to fight with PACU for our BAIR huggers.
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    While it's highly preferable to use a purpose-built cooling system, there have been times where I've had more luck with wet towels and a fan in both getting a patient to temp and keeping them in range, so it is possible to do with what you have at any facility.
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    We have cooling blankets with a rectal thermometer probe. Along with that, we place tons of ice packs on the patient to help cool them down.
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    We use the cool guard,...but I'm in a larger level I trauma ED,...like someone else stated there is always ice bags and a temp foley!