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I have seen an unreal amount of teen-young 20ish patients coming to the ER c/o severe chest pain after drinking 1-2 energy drinks. All have been negative on drug/alcohol screens and cardiac workups are also negative. I've never... Read More

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    Quote from amoLucia
    Just to follow up on my previous post --- googled again and the more I read again the more blown away I became!!!

    I've long been caffeine-sensitive so I know what a simple can of caffeined diet pepsi (35 mgm/can as printed ON the can) does. Some of the energy drinks are 120 mgm and much, much more. I can see how folk start to motor-boat!! And sugar highs! Other amino-acids and herbs listed make those drinks scarey. Google articles describe the neuro, cardiac and renal effects etc.
    120 is baby talk. Check this out:

    ABB Speed Stack at Lowest Prices for Speed Stack

    One of the best selling pre-work out energy drinks on the market. 250mg PER SERVING.

    NOS products are up there... Fast Twitch.... all wildly popular pre-workout drinks packing 200+ per serving. We sell some powdered mixes at our gym that are upwards of 400.

    I used to "enjoy" a 1/4 - 1/2 bottle of Fast Twitch before my workouts. Didn't make me feel to crazy if I drank alot of water along side. It honestly got to the point that I couldn't get up in the morning without drinking a pot of coffee (no joke, a pot). Thats when I decided to call it quits and oh were those withdraws miserable.

    Its really shocking to me that people can just drink this stuff and then go about their daily lives, studying, going to work. Even after a 1/4 bottle of Fast Twitch and a 1.5 hour long grueling workout I would still have trouble sleeping.
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    On our telemetry unit we have seen more than one case of A-fib in young people with energy drinks perhaps being the triggering factor. Scary.
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    to Leo - I'm getting tachycardic just reading the numbers :uhoh21:! Please, I really don't understand why someone would tach up (by drinking the stuff) pre - workout. Your HR goes up with exercise anyway, so why??? I'm sincere as I ask this...

    You're talking to a confirmed, card-carrying couch potato so I really don't understand you exercise buffs.
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    Quote from amoLucia
    Just did a quick google of energy drinks' ingredients---high high levels of caffeine and sugar also. B vitamins (think niacin) and various herbals (careful!) too. And a bunch of other things... No wonder they get all speeded up and bounce around!

    Was talking caffeine beverages with some students once. Hadn't heard of Jolt soda and it wasn't sold in my area. One of the kids brought me in a can as I was a coffee-holic and I liked Mt Dew too. I was teaching and I do talk quickly at times. But all of sudden, I noticed a difference and asked the kids 'am I talking real fast'?!?! What a caffeine rush! I should have been paid by the word, not by the hour!!! Only had about 90 cc, but boy, did I feel it!!!Don't do much REGULAR caffeine anymore.
    For me it's different. I have ADHD and when I drink a monster energy I swear it actually helps me focus instead of making me hyper
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    I am caffeine sensitive to begin with, and I never have more than one cup of regular coffee at a time (sometimes I even do 50 decaf/50 reg if I am not sure of the strength). I think one of those energy drinks might just throw me into eternal sinus tach! NEVER will ever try them!
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    to storm - it's funny but I did think about you all with ADD/ADHD and how the drinks might work.
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    Actually had one of these come in tonight. Wasn't my patient, but told about her. Drank a 5 hour energy shot and a Monster, had resps of 60, pulse of like 130-140. I'm all for people being able to put whatever they want to in their bodies (I'm libertarian like that), but if we're going to dispense drinks that can have the same cardiovascular effects as amphetamines, I think we need to modify the age of the people we dispense it to. Kids shouldn't be shoving this crap in their bodies. You don't need "energy" when you're 16.
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    I'm a new ICU nurse, but some of the nurses I work with told me about a 19 year old girl who came into our ER with arrhythmias from drinking several Monster drinks a day. They coded her twice and she came to ICU with anoxic brain energy. She was discharged to a LTC facility :/ So sad.

    oh my God that is horrible! She didn't have anything else going on? Like a congenital heart defect or something? It just doesn't seem like that could happen to a young healthy person just from drinking too many Monsters!
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    Quote from KaeliF
    It just doesn't seem like that could happen to a young healthy person just from drinking too many Monsters!
    That is what many people think. "It's all natural!"

    However, nurses' collective anecdotal evidence shows otherwise. Have studies been done? Seems like the FDA believes the stuff is safe for all ages...
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    Teens have a BIG problem with these energy drinks. They see their friends chugging these massive cans of sugar and caffeine and think "Ohhhhh they are soooo cool! If I do that I'll be cool too". I'd never drink a can of death! Red Bull will indeed give you wings! The government should regulate this in some way...maybe a can that is in serving size portions (not a gargantuan amount that could kill a cow).
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