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  1. Time saving tips for HH nurse

    sometimes I'll see up to 8/9 a day but thats only on occasion
  2. Time saving tips for HH nurse

    right now I'm usually seeing somewhere between 6-7 pts a day, 5-6 if I have a SOC or something. ​
  3. Time saving tips for HH nurse

    I've been a HH nurse for a little over a year now. My old office was not well organized at all and as a result I usually worked from the time I got up to the time I went to bed 7 days a week. I was on the verge of quitting, then moved to a new area (...
  4. Time saving tips? Please?

    thanks I'll have to look into that!
  5. Time saving tips? Please?

    I have been a HH RN for a few months now and I have been working on average 75 hours a week. I am also a single mom (which is why I started in HH in the first place, a schedule that matched up with my daughters school schedule better) so I can't work...
  6. New grads a good idea?

    I would say it's not a great idea for a new grad. I started HH nursing about a year out and I wish I would have stayed in the hospital for another year or so. I dunno about you but when I was new I had to ask questions CONSTANTLY and in home health t...
  7. Opinions on what this order means...

    Yea I plan on calling the MD for clarification, I just wanted to get some opinions on what all you wound nurses might take this order to mean.
  8. Opinions on what this order means...

    I'm not a wound nurse but I figured this would be the right place for this question. Got an order that said "silver alginate to wound bed" there is some 0.5cm undermining in the wound, should I pack the alginate into the undermining as well? or just ...
  9. start if care oasis time frames.

    oh yea we use a cheat sheet when we have to do paper in the home too. I would suggest going through the oasis and typing up your own cheat sheet though, the ones they provided me are missing some things and if your new to oasis you wont know to ask.
  10. start if care oasis time frames.

    I just started home health, I've only done 3 SOC's and each one I've had to do on paper because I live in a very rural area and alot of my patient's don't have internet or cell signal to connect the iPad through. It's taken me about 1.5hrs each visit...
  11. Supplies organizer?

    I just got hired on as a home health RN (YAYYY no more hospital!) and I was wondering if any of you experienced people out there have a good car organization system? I've seen a few systems that worked well in a SUV but I have a little coupe, but it ...
  12. Hey! I've been an rn for a little over a year on med surg and pcu, now I'm going to be transitioning into home health! Any advice on things to brush up on before i start? Thanks!
  13. Any advice on how to get started in this field? I live in a fairly rural area and there aren't any agencies that specifically deal with developmental disabilities, so I'm not really sure how to get going.
  14. So I have been a med/surg RN for about a year now, and during this time I have been living with my grandparents because my daughter is not yet in school and there is no child care service on the planet that can cover the crazy hours I need (from 0445...
  15. Thanks that makes me feel better! The med never actually made it to the patient, it got caught, and I made sure to keep my composure and thank the nurse that caught it before coming home and freaking out. Also, since then I've had a pharmacist tell m...