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Calling all new ER grads starting Feb 2013 - page 4

Hi. Im starting this topic for any new grads or new to the ER. I think it will be good to come here to compare notes, encourage, vent and support each. I myself, am so nervous and excited at the same... Read More

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    Quote from wanna b
    I live on Staten Island and commute to Elizabeth NJ (not the best area) because NY is enforcing BSN only.
    Yes, we have a lot of BSN only jobs here as well. Things have certainly changed since I graduate in 2006.
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    Hi. I'm in Delaware.
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    Hi all. I graduated in 06 and didn't do much nursing. Hate floors. My interest was PACU and maybe ER. Just am finishing a refresher course so I can renew my RN license and I'm having a hard time finding any job openings at all let alone ER. I see many of you are new grads and popping right into coveted ER jobs --- where in the nation are you all located anyway?? Where are the jobs ; and more so, the ER jobs! Thanks
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    Ask questions of the other nurses and get to know the docs. Most MDs are happy to share their knowledge.

    One of the biggest struggles that I had is (a) knowing what everything is called and, (b) knowing where everything is.

    Be very good to your techs and aides and clerks and housekeepers -- each of these folks can make your job much easier or much harder, all depending on how they feel about you. They are super important to excellent patient care so don't disregard or disrespect them.

    ED rocks... you'll see a ton and learn a ton... and it's a very in-demand specialty.
    I worked at as ER tech and LOVED was my motivation to get back to school..."be good to your techs..." Ect was great to see. I worked this the most amazing nurses and that was exactly how they treated me. I asked 1,000's of ???'s each shift because I love learning new things, and they all were more than willing to help out too!

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    LPN for LTC for 1 yr, med/surg floor RN for 1 yr, just finished my 3rd week of orientation in ER and so far I love it!! Mine is a rural critical access hospital, part of a Trauma 1 network. Anyway, I have found that the staff and Doc's love to share and teach anything, which is great as there is a lot to learn.
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    I am now off of orientation. It's pretty scary! Feels good, but I still ask 100 questions a day and drive my charge nurse batty!
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    Hi all, Im a new grad RN in NJ and was hired as an ER RN. I just got thru my first week of hosp orientation. This Monday I will be observing in the ER, Im excited, nervous, intimidated and feel like I know NOTHING lol but I wont let them see that haha... Wish me luck!!
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    I just got news today that ill be offered a New grad ED RN position in a busy Level II hospital!!

    So excited!!!
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    Hello everyone! Great thread thank you for all the resources. I am a new grad starting in the ED next week. I look forward to learning from everyone else experiences and I take comfort in knowing that the extreme bouts of anxiety I've been feeling since being offered the position are completely normal. I hope everything is going well for the rest of you!