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So a pt came in with report of cyanosis from waist up. Pt is talking and walking fine, 97% on room air, no pain or change in mental status. The triage nurse is freaking out, but something isn't right. I notice some of his hair is... Read More

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    I have always planned on being a little old lady with blue hair, but here I am, almost 60, and I'm still doing it auburn. When am I officially old enough to go for the blue???

    And I remember that blue-skinned man who made the news a few years ago. Looked exactly like Papa Smurf, beard and all!!
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    I actually asked him if he was taking any OTC containing silver, or if he had liver problems. The blue discoloration came off with ETOH wipes and some wet washcloths. Would've given a whole new meaning to 'code blue'!
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    Just goes to show you - you have to look at the whole picture!

    reminds me of a situation with a 5 y/o who c/o head pain and there were tears. Her teacher brought her down to our nurses office and my RN wanted me do a everything from a temp to a neuro check. The mom in me took one look at her and I knew pig tails were too tight. LOL
    I did enjoy the big hug and thank-you from that little girl. One of my favorite nursing moments.
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    I've told the story on the school nursing forum about the asthmatic student rushed into my office by the teacher who exclaimed "his lips are blue!" in a state of panic. The student stood there calmly bewildered. I looked him over and asked "have you been chewing on your pen?" First time in my career that a wet washcloth was all I needed to cure an "asthma attack".

    I did have to congratulate the teacher for actually reading my care plan for him!
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    Back, about a million years ago, when we put blue food dye in GT feedings, I worked in a hospital, and nursing home resident came in with all over skin that was a very delicate shade of blue.... diagnosis, TOO much food dye in tube feedings!!!!LOL
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    Ahhhhh...methylene blue!!! I used to like the iridescent urine it produced....little did we know. Oops
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    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    Ever see someone turn blue from taking colloidal silver?
    I thought colloidal silver was only good for keeping in spray bottles in case of vampires
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    Quote from tothepointeLVN
    I thought colloidal silver was only good for keeping in spray bottles in case of vampires
    Watch this....... Man's skin turns dark blue - YouTube

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