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Blue skin - page 2

So a pt came in with report of cyanosis from waist up. Pt is talking and walking fine, 97% on room air, no pain or change in mental status. The triage nurse is freaking out, but something isn't... Read More

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    I've told the story on the school nursing forum about the asthmatic student rushed into my office by the teacher who exclaimed "his lips are blue!" in a state of panic. The student stood there calmly bewildered. I looked him over and asked "have you been chewing on your pen?" First time in my career that a wet washcloth was all I needed to cure an "asthma attack".

    I did have to congratulate the teacher for actually reading my care plan for him!
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    Back, about a million years ago, when we put blue food dye in GT feedings, I worked in a hospital, and nursing home resident came in with all over skin that was a very delicate shade of blue.... diagnosis, TOO much food dye in tube feedings!!!!LOL
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    Ahhhhh...methylene blue!!! I used to like the iridescent urine it produced....little did we know. Oops
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    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    Ever see someone turn blue from taking colloidal silver?
    I thought colloidal silver was only good for keeping in spray bottles in case of vampires
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    Quote from tothepointeLVN
    I thought colloidal silver was only good for keeping in spray bottles in case of vampires
    Watch this....... Man's skin turns dark blue - YouTube