"simma Down Na''

  1. 0 If you've ever triaged in the ER or the frontlines and want a good chuckle check out this sketch from SNL Cheri Oteri....... . http://snltranscripts.jt.org/99/99lsimmer.phtml My stomachs hurts from laughing.
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    I remember those skits. I miss when SNL was good. I wish I could say that once in a while.
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    Yeah, those were the days. SNL is my favorite show of all time but I finally stopped watching it around the time that Will Ferrell left.

    I'd rather see a video of this than read the transcript. *goes to try to find video*
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    Sadly, this reminds me of some of the ERs in my town ... :-)
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    The whole skit makes fun of everyone, SNL doesn't leave anyone out, including the sub-culture of people I belong too. When I actually saw this on SNL I thought I was gonna bust a gut.

    I have to laugh at myself once in a while, I know someone some whee is laughing at me.
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    Stupid copyright laws...anyone find the clip yet?
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    I couldnt find a clip of it on the internet, please share when you find it. FYI I bought the SNL Cheri Oteri (best of) DVD, IT DID NOT have it but it does have a Nadeen skit working at a burger joint.
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    How funny......I hang out with AMA every now and then at one of the Supermotox race providing medical support as a RN along with an ER doc and athletic trainer

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