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Patient comes in by ambulance for Unspecified. On the way in, EMS throws in an 18g and draws blood for labs. Patient looks good, is completely with it, condition seems pretty benign, but need to... Read More

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    Hijack away! It helps us to know we're not alone in our frustrations.
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    I would have lost it long before the phone call myself and prob said something that would have ****** off blah blah blah I'm a nurse pracact blah blah blah and left me in my manager's office again....
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    Excellent and Hilarious vent! Loved it.
    We had a patient who was a nurse, and all of her nursing buddies kept calling expecting us to give information on how she was because they were her friends. Seriously,....how could they think we'd give them info?
    They actually got really rude over the phone, then they would want to talk to our manager, etc, the house supervisor. All of us were in disbelief. It was a county hospital that kept calling no less....seems like they would want to follow the laws.

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