Washington Redskins Cheerleader Suffers Dystonia From Flu Shot - page 5

great must see video our six year old daughter was diagnosed with a mild form of dystonia but it took almost 2 years and 2 pediatric neurologists to get the correct diagnosis. her symptoms began shortly after receiving her 6... Read More

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    And if she had come down with it without the flu shot, we'll never know. I'd like to know all her history for the past few years, to see if it was shot-related or not. Regardless, it is a sad turn in her life.
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    This was not to h1n1 it was to a seasonal flu shot.
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    Posts #35 - 42 merged with existing thread. Subtitles within some posts edited to, "Seasonal Flu".
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    Quote from CaLLaCoDe
    This is just heart breaking!

    Informed decision required people:

    This is "information?" A gal who developed dystonia 10 days after a flu shot and an anoymous lady in an old fashioned nurse uniform referring to another anonymous person's anonymous husband who developed Guillain-Barre?

    Are you kidding me?

    Information would be rates of complications, established correlation, correlation coefficients, etc.

    This is your standard of evidence-based practice?
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    I watched the video several times... and I noticed she was able to fix her hair behind her ear when she apparently had no control over her body. I'm not making a judgment, just an observation.
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    I suspect she has psych problems.
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    It's weird how walking backwards would suddenly make her arms stop jerking and running would make her able to talk and move normally. Not saying it's not possible, there are all kinds of crazy diseases in this world, but it seems a little odd to me.

    ETA: I would be interested to know if there are other people who have dystonia with this particular manifestation.
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    Psychogenic dystonia... or may be genetic? Even so, her movement disorder does not seem typical of any of the dystonia cases I have come across - but then again (as a disclaimer) I am not a neurologist. :thnkg:
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    The more I think about it - maybe I'm being really mean to a poor, genuinely suffering woman, but you can't just come on TV and say oh yeah, I have this horrible disease and it's definitely from the flu shot, my doctors told me so, and then not offer any proof of that. Has she brought out her doctors to be interviewed? Has she provided anyone a look at her medical records/test results/family history? I mean, if she's making these allegations publicly then I think the public has a right to wonder about the answers to these questions. If her doctors have given interviews, I apologize, but why should I believe something just because this girl comes on TV and says it's so?

    I saw a snippet of one video where she was speaking in a very staccato manner, then in another clip she was speaking in a very drawn-out fashion with her lips all distorted. She seems to have no problem with head movements. Not a neurologist by any means, just wondering.

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