Mandatory Flu shots

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    sooooo...what are your thoughts of mandatory Flu shots for health care workers? we got the ultimatum....get the shot or get the ax. So I got my first ever flu shot yesterday. just sitting arround waiting to get sick now!!!!!
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    Quote from CathyLew
    just sitting arround waiting to get sick now!!!!!
    I hope this is a joke. Do you take issue with a mandatory shot? What if you were to contract influenza and pass it to a vulnerable patient, killing them. Would you regret not getting that little stick?
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    Its my choice to get a shot or not. No one will make me take it. Ive never taken it and dont plan to. You can still contract the flu, even after taking the shot. We catch colds and risk giving that to our patients too. There is also a risk of having a reaction to this "mandatory" shot. We have to look out for ourselves too. We have a choice at the hospital I work if we take a flu shot or not, which is how it should be.
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    not a joke. see this article our hosptial Infection control team jumped on it, and made it a policy in our hospital. Many are up in arms. I have never had the flu shot before. and I did not intend to get one yesterday...but the poor gal that was in charge of dolling out the early shots looked like she was about in tears with the rash of $hi+ she had taken from many of my I caved without making an issue.

    I think our hospital is about to learn just what an issue this can be. You have to have a Dr excuse to be exhempt from the shot. And they even said that religious reasons against vaccination were not acceptable!
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    You can be contagious for a week without any symptoms of the flu, so yeah... I agree with the shot being mandatory and unless you have a physical or religious reason against getting one, you are selfish to be working in a field like this.
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    Sick from what? You can't get the flu from the flu shot as it's inactivated virus. The most you'll generally get is a low grade fever as your immune system is kicking in - and that's the whole point of getting the shot.

    I don't think it necessarily should be mandatory, but people should be using evidence based research to base their decisions on - and the recommendation is that HCW get vaccinated. I just don't see the big deal.
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    Selfish? obviously she is not selfish, she got it didnt she. Geeez.
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    Like the one year that everyone received the wrong strain of flu vaccine, real beneficial. eh? My point is that there comes a point that we should have a CHOICE. Mandatory means you have no right to refuse treatment or what goes into your own body. Patients have the right, but we shouldnt? I risk my life constantly when I care for patients with contagious viruses, meningitis, etc. I am not selfish, by any means.
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    well, by waiting to get sick, I mean the after effects of the shot.... to quote one medical site *flu shots can commonly cause mild side effects fever, muscle aches, and malaise or simply not feeling well*

    and one reason I ask, and one reason our hospital nurses are a bit up in arms over this, is considering we are a very small hospital.... abotu 20 Med Surg Ped beds, with a census of about 12 average... we had a case several years ago of a person in the community that was also related to several of our nurses (inbred North Country Folk that we are) who got Guillain-Barré after the Flu shot. he died in our hospital.

    Now since the flu shot that seemed to cause the Guillain-Barré syndrome is the old Swine flu vaccine... I would not get the H1N1 vac. the flu shot they mandated at the hospital this year was the regular flu vac.... but if we cave to this.... will next year they demand everyone get the H1N1.... I know they say Guillain-Barré is 1 in a million...but when it happens on your floor, to a family member of co-workers. that seems closer than that 1 in a million stat they throw arround.
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