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I know it's kind of late but not too late to think about this. No wants to think about this, not even me. But, people are still dying and being hospitalized when they could have had some protection.... Read More

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    Quote from gadalex@msn.com
    That's true, but what causes the mutation? I think the reason they came to this conclusion was because patient who had take the vac were must worst then those who had not.
    There is no credible evidence that people who received the pH1N1 vaccination last year were sicker from the flu than people who did not. Just the opposite. There were many deaths and debilitating sicknesses among individuals who did NOT receive the vaccination.

    It is appealing to think that flu viruses are smart enough to evolve away from the strains included in the vaccine. And then in time, they make people sicker whether they get the vaccination or not. But that is not how it works.

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    Are there any influenza vaccinations available that do not contain harmful ingredients such as Thimerisol, aluminum, or formaldehyde? I might consider obtaining one, if this were the case.
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    Quote from VickyRN
    Are there any influenza vaccinations available that do not contain harmful ingredients such as Thimerisol, aluminum, or formaldehyde? I might consider obtaining one, if this were the case.
    Maybe a specialist will answer here, but it is my understanding that single dose influenza vaccines do not contain any preservatives.
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    I had the vaccine last year, haven't had it yet this year and now wish I had...DH is not very well, have just been to pick up Tamiflu for him.
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    Quote from VickyRN
    Are there any influenza vaccinations available that do not contain harmful ingredients such as Thimerisol, aluminum, or formaldehyde? I might consider obtaining one, if this were the case.
    It has been my understanding that pre-fillled syringes do not contain any of that, only multi dose vials. Check this link to the CDC, and look at the table of different manufacturers. You will see that there are vaccines that have no addiitives.

    CDC - Seasonal Influenza (Flu) - Q A: Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Supply for the U.S.
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    Actually, the pre-filled syringes come in both, with and without preservatives. I work at a family practice and we received both types. If you get on the CDC's website, it will state all the manufacturers that supply the vaccine. I know Fluarix, for adults, comes in pre-filled syringes with no preservative.
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    Thanks for that info.
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    I'm really glad that our facility has forced us to get the flu shot. I can only imagine how bad the last week would have been without everyone having the flu shot. Considering we work 12's, my 3 days I had scheduled off this week I have been called in because so many other staff have called in with the flu. Our unit has been stuffed this week with flu/pneumonia crap on top of having only about 1/2 staff available, I finally said NO this morning and taking a much needed day off. Thanks fluvirin.
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    UK Vaccine Shortage Increases H1N1 Pandemic Concerns

    Quote from www.recombinomics.com
    ... shortage of vaccine in the UK, which adds to the concerns relating to a health care delivery failure. This shortage helped explain the emphasis on vaccination of "at risk" patients when half of the severe and fatal cases do not have underlying conditions. This shortage would also explain the decision to not launch an under 5's vaccination campaign amid increasing deaths, ECMO shotages, and Tamiflu resistance.

    Media reports have suggested the peak of the flu season will be reached in a week or two, but such expectations are largely based on wishful thinking. Although the number of cases has exploded in recent weeks, many areas, including London, have only recently seen a dramatic jump in cases, which began a few weeks ago in the midlands. Moreover, flu season traditionally peaks in February, so the support for an early end to the flu season is lacking.

    The above comments reflect the effects of a more virulent and recombinant H1N1 which has increased severe cases to 738 from 460 a week ago. These levels are strikingly higher than the peak for last season of 180, which has contributed to the strain on health care delivery.
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    Keeping a Sense of Proportion about Swine Flu

    BBC - Fergus's Medical Files: Keeping a sense of proportion about swine flu

    Are they rationing the vaccine in the UK? It sure sounds like it. And, they might just be guessing wrong about the time frame necessary for doing so...

    Quote from www.bbc.co.uk/blogs
    One key difference now, and it is of concern, is the sharply higher numbers in intensive care. Figures for England show that there are more than 700 people critically ill with suspected flu. That is many times the number last winter. But the level of flu in the community is higher as well. Flu rates vary from year to year so it really should not come as a huge surprise.

    Dr Bob Winter, president of the Intensive Care Society said: "The majority of those we are seeing in critical care are either pregnant women, people who are overweight - usually spectacularly so, and those with underlying health conditions.

    Several thousand people a year die from the complications of flu, but in the past it was mostly the elderly and infirm. Since the advent of swine flu that changed. Of the 39 people to have died since October, all but one were under 65 and four were under the age of five.

    That makes immunisation of at-risk groups, especially those under 65, extremely important.

    Last night the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) said it did not believe that healthy children under five should be given the flu vaccine.

    Professor Andrew Hall, chairman of the JCVI said: "The committee considered the issue of offering vaccination to healthy children either 0-4 years and/or 5-15 years of age. However, although there is a high incidence of influenza-like illness currently in these age groups, a significant proportion of this is due to other viruses such as Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). In addition, only a very small proportion of those with severe disease are in these age groups. Based on previous seasonal influenza epidemiology, it would be hoped that influenza circulation will have subsided within a month.

    We do not believe that seasonal or pandemic vaccine should be used for these or other healthy person groups. The greatest gain will be achieved in increasing vaccine uptake in the clinical risk groups."

    The JCVI urged those with chronic respiratory, neurological, heart and kidney disease, diabetes, the immunosuppressed and pregnant women to get immunised.

    What about the rest of the population? Swine flu can strike down, and even kill healthy people - this was demonstrated last year. Fifteen of those who have died since October were not in at-risk groups. Just as in previous winters, flu jabs are available from large pharmacies for those who want to protect themselves from the virus.
    (hat tip Avian Flu Diary)

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