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Hi all, Just wanted to vent. I've been working at this facility for over 2 years, got the patients into complience with alot of education and compassion. I know these patients inside and out. There is an RN that has... Read More

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    I have read your posts before and it seems like you are a dedicated employee and care about your patients. You try to get the extra input to make schedules and games that get your patients more involved. I am sorry for what is happening to you! I would have been very upset as well. You are learning what I also learned the hard way. You can give yourself, your time. Your energy, and a large portion of your life to your patients. The company you work for will always look at you as dollars and cents and just a number. But your patients won't look at you that way ever, so try not to forget what is important.

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    Thank you so much for the wonderful reply. You do get it. The ironic thing is, I had received a special award from the ROD for just that thing the middle of Dec. 2012 and was told the unit wouldn't be the same without me, I make the unit, I'm fun and all other core values. Then 2 weeks later when census are down and only room for one nurse someone comes up with this unreasonable offer. Thing is the tech does not have to rotate "Go Figure"

    Thanks again for understanding

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