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  1. Joni's Mom

    Davita vs Fresenius

    Depends on where you work, some places you do receive wage increases other places you do not. Expect to receive a 1-2% wage increase per year as a floor nurse and excuses that they have to stay within the budget. This explains quarterly profit increases. Again it depends on where you work, some places employees are treated like gold other places profits are more important. Hope you will be one of the lucky ones where you will be treated like gold. Good luck
  2. Joni's Mom

    Worms in Bladder

    Just curious, How did they treat this person? Did the MD believe you and did you show this to the MD? Wow, strange.
  3. Joni's Mom

    Looking for clinical managers!

    Be aware that you could apply and receive this position, and upper management could possibly call this move lateral which means you get the title, without a change in pay.
  4. Joni's Mom

    Job titles salary ranges

    New job titles and salary ranges are coming. Can anyone explain these to me? Thanks in advance
  5. Joni's Mom

    Ladder system

    Oh Goodie Sounds like another way we can do more, get lateral positions with no increase in pay. I already have more titles than most and got promoted with what they called a lateral position as Clinical Coordinator. I imagine that with all my titles the ladder won't take into consideration all those things. Sounds like this is a good way the company can get out of the annual pay increase, another way to cut corners. Got to make sure they stay within the budget. More for the top- less for the bottom. Thanks for responding
  6. Joni's Mom

    Ladder system

    Anyone hear of the Ladder system for how the company will pay the nurses techs and other staff members? What I heard is that there will be levels 1 2 3 for each but thats all I have heard.
  7. Joni's Mom

    leg pain

    Sounds like this patient needs a higher dry weight, meaning that she probably lost some weight and they are taking to much fluid off of her each treatment. Does this patient have edema in the legs, does she have fluid on her lungs? She should not have bad leg cramping during or after dialysis. Hope this helps
  8. Joni's Mom

    Transfer Request Denied

    You are 100% correct. If you have horrible management then it sucks to be us, but if your one of the lucky ones then great for you. It is unfair practices happening to both you and me, and how many others. I think they go to school to become bullies for the company, that and big big big bonuses. There is only one independent provider in our area and it's not hiring right now, but I keep looking, as I do love dialysis. Your also right on wrecking it for ourselves d/t being non-union meaning no rights for us only rights for the big company. Low wages, advancement in name only , and we should put up or shut up. With my new name only advancement Clinical Coordinator I am suppose to fill out a survey on how I think the recruiter did at his job. I haven't done this as of yet as the recruiter was working with the ROD and FA, and got reamed out for even calling me and giving me a heads up on that posted position. I still haven't gotten papers to sign that I agreed to become the Clinical Coordinator for my facility. Once I sign the invisible contract that I asked the recruiter to get for me, in which he said I would have to get that from the FA, then I will fill out that survey. If it sounds like I'm bitter then it's because of all the bullying that has been done to me. Sorry for the long ranting Continue to find out why that other facility put the request in for a full time nurse if one was not needed, find out the hours available and fill in those spots. Good luck and keep us posted.
  9. Joni's Mom

    Ideas to help my pt

    Critlines are great, but they are not available at our facility. I'll ask the patient if he would be game for the use of O2 just during treatment, but he doesn't like the nasal cannula in his nose, if it works I'll be sure to get a MD order. Again I'll check his blood sugar this Monday, as I haven't had contact with my AM pt for over a week, I worked the late shift. Thanks for all the advice
  10. Joni's Mom

    Ideas to help my pt

    No need to be angry. Just trying to gain insite from other nurses that could possibly have this same issue. Read above post and note that the pt is on UF profiling, and with cardiac issues you do not want the pt to be on a sodium profile. Temp is always 36 degrees. Good advise on checking blood sugar, I will do that.
  11. Joni's Mom

    Ideas to help my pt

    Thanks for all the comments, Not sure what you mean about devise a treatment plan from there??? Yes he does have a cardio history, dialyzer size Revaclear MAX he doesn't gain a tremendous amout, but about 3-4kg, which should be easy to remove in the 4 hour treatment. It does seem to help with the BFR turned down, but again if the BFR is down then the URR will decrease and not be WNL of 65 or above. I also have a tech that gets orders from the MD to increase the machines BFR to the max of 500, and argues when I turn the rate down d/t excessive sweating.
  12. Joni's Mom

    Ideas to help my pt

    Hi All, I have a pt that is on a UF profile 60%, BFR of 500, and using 14 gauge needles plus a 4 hour treatment. Pt has a 68 URR which is exceptable. Problem is about 2 hour into treatment pt c/o becoming warm starts to sweat B/P aprox. 105/68. I turn the uf off only cleaning the blood, turn the BFR down to 450 wait for about 10 - 20 min then ask if pt is ok turn the UF back on to start to take fluid off. Pt does continue to c/o of warmth and sweating, but B/P is a little higher 110/68, and pt insists on getting rid of the fluid. The pt does not want his EDW increased stating this has been going on for a long time. Any other ideas, besides what I'm doing, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Joni's Mom

    Change in the rules

    Acutedialysi, Do they have to clock out for a 30 min lunch? Breaks are easy no one clocks out, then no one leaves, for breaks, I'm talking 30 min lunch hour. What do you do for that? How many hours do you work? It probably helps that you have an eight chair unit, we have a 6 chair unit, making budget money tight, or so I'm told. Thanks for you input.
  14. Joni's Mom

    Change in the rules

    I do know I read it somewhere that there needs to be 2 staff while pt's are present. Manager states if we have questions about this new schedule we should bring it up to her (seemed like a threat to me)another words sounds like we should put up or shut up. I'm wondering if something did happen while the tech was clocked out whos fault would it be, mine or the nurse manager? And if the tech is required to clock out can the manager restrict her from going off the unit? Do other small units have this problem?
  15. Joni's Mom

    Change in the rules

    We are being cut down on hours to 24/week, Mon, Wed, Friday only,6 chair unit. 1 tech comes in at 0500, 1 nurse in at 0530. RN to give the tech 15 min breaks, and 1 half hour lunch at 0830 to 0900 in which the tech clocks out leaving the nurse on the floor with the 6 pt's alone. The next nurse comes in at 1230, the first nurse is to immediately go to 30 min. lunch, come back and give the 2nd nurse her 30 min lunch once the 2nd nurse comes back, the first nurse is to clock out. In the mean time the 2nd tech arrives at 1300 and the first tech is to immediately clock out. My question is: I thought that the rule is 1 staff member is'nt to be left alone, there should be 2 staff while pt's are on the unit. Has this changed?
  16. Joni's Mom

    Just something good

    I am so happy for you, a good manager is an asset ,they'll either make or break a unit, I know I have a bad one. Stick with dialysis you'll continue to love it.

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