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    I am a new RN. I've been working at a SNF for 2 months only. I wanna move into dialysis. I know I do not have enough experience but I have learned from searching online that it's a totally different field. So I might as well get into it right now. I live in the SF bay area and trainings available is only for dialysis technician which is around 7000-7500 for 16 weeks. Too expensive. I came across an online training from dialysis4career f0r 500. Anybody heard of dialysis4career? Please advise. I don't wanna pay and discover later no employer will recognize that. Also, wld anybody of u go for an online training? thanks...
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  3. by   Valerie Salva
    Dialysis companies always require that employees go through their own company-specific training, which is generally 10-13 weeks long.
    Not only is the training free, but you get paid for it- by the company that hires you.
    Dialysis clinics will train techs who have no medical experience at all- and pay them for it. Taking a class you pay for yourself would be a rip-off.
  4. by   pricklypear
    I agree - I've never heard of needing to be trained by an outside source for dialysis. It's worth a shot to go talk with managers of clinics in your area.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Innv

    because hemodialysis is consider critical care, any form of education will help prior to employment. many of the dialysis providers i spoke with preferred nurses lpn/rn with icu/ccu experience. however, many nurses i know that took the online course with dialysis4career thought it was well worth it. they didn't have any icu/ccu experience but because they had the theory and certification by a license and accredited school, they were able to find a new career in dialysis. i took the course and learned so much about esrd (end stage renal disease)and persons on dialysis. i really didn't need the hands on training like dialysis4career told me because i was trained for 12 weeks by my employer before initiating dialysis. the course also gave me a clear understanding about the kidneys. things i didn't learn in nursing school. honestly, one of the reasons why i got the job in dialysis is because i took the extra mile to learn more about the hemodialysis.

    best wishes

  6. by   soulofme
    Save your $$$$, they will train U free!
  7. by   kf15
    Wow Innv that is good news to hear you say that; I live in AZ and was just told by a local clinic that they cannot begin to train me b/c I am a new grad and do not have ~1yr of RN work under my belt.
    They said it is a Medicare reqmt, not theirs, did you hear the same?
  8. by   Innv

    From my understanding, that is not 100% true. You need one year of critical care experience to work as a dialysis charge nurse but not for a staff nurse. If you want i can find out for sure. Keep me posted.


  9. by   kf15
    I would love that, if you could look into it a little more to see if Medicare has such a rqmt. Again the woman said that Fresenius cannot begin to train me to be a dialysis RN until I have close to 1 yr of work experience behind me.
    Any follow up would be great, thanks much.
  10. by   Valerie Salva
    Quote from Innv

    From my understanding, that is not 100% true. You need one year of critical care experience to work as a dialysis charge nurse but not for a staff nurse. If you want i can find out for sure. Keep me posted.


    Is this part of the new MC regs?

    I am a dialysis charge nurse, and I have never worked in critical care.

    I know that in all the places I have worked, an RN must have one year of dialysis experience before they can be charge. As a traveler, I am often needed for charge, because some regular staff RNs do not have a year of dialysis experience, so they can't be charge.
  11. by   kf15
    I was told it was part of the new MC regs, that incoming RNs that want to train for dialysis must have 1 yr or exp working as an RN..... this does not concern charge RNs or whatever, just incoming so I guess only those of us looking to get into this field are hitting this wall.
    Great, just 1 more obstacle for a new grad in a country slumped over in a depression. : (
  12. by   handsonnurse
    WHERE can I receive dialysis training in Ohio as a new RN. Davita advertises exrensively in their online ads that they have a new grad training program, but I have yet to find a facility that offers it!!
  13. by   adir
    im looking for school to train dialysis training for RN, do you know some schools offered this training? can you help me........thanks a lot
  14. by   Maxgurl
    In most areas, it OJT.

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