Being bought by DaVita,,,,help!!!!

  1. I have many questions about what is going to happen,,hoping someone out there can help me!!
    I work in a hospital based outpt chronic unit. that is supposedly being sold to Davita in the very near future. I have been with the hospital for 21yrs and in dialysis for 6yrs. My rate is 44/hr
    When they come in will they keep our staff? Will they keep our rates? What are Davita's uniforms? Will they bring in their own managers? Right now we have a NM and a days care manager and an evening care manager,,seems like a lot of fat coulld be trimmed in management!! TIA for all answers provided!!
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  3. by   Tish88
    They usually keep the staff and bring in their own management team. As per your rate, you will have to interview for a position and negotiate your rate.

    Davita uniforms are just regular scrubs with their name on it. They aren't bad.
  4. by   Lucky724
    I accepted a position with a dialysis clinic about a month ago and started last week. When I interviewed I was told the clinic had been bought by Davita but "other than a new charting system next year nothing will be changed."

    I asked specific questions such as where the training would take place, uniforms etc. I was told the training was at the clinic I was interviewing with and uniforms were any scrubs that were professional in nature.

    WELL, imagine my surprise when I had not been there 5 minutes when the hiring manager tells me my training is NOT going to be at this clinic but one over an hour from where I live, mileage will only be paid the distance between the clinics - not my house to there, I DO have to travel for classes to the corporate office (75 miles one way), will be sent out of state in Dec. AND Feb. for additional training.

    The training at the clinic that is an hour one way will be "about" 16 weeks, then I will be brought back to the original clinic I interviewed for to work. Uniforms...well, they will be Davita - who will provide 1 and we are to buy the rest.

    I am LIVID about this though I said NOTHING because I have NO other option right now. I would have NEVER taken a position that puts me 12-14 hrs/day ALL the time plus the travel to other cities AND other states.

    This is the very reason I didn't accept a position with another dialysis clinic over the summer. There is no viable reason for these dialysis companies to send people all over for training.

    I am NOT a business exec with an MBA who "lives" for traveling and hotel. I am a nurse who wants to go in, do her job well, make a decent wage and have balance. The thought seems to be to "live" this company. I understand some days you have to work over - that is not what I'm talking about. The companies bemoan profits but spend TONS of cash on this kind of stuff.

    I have already started applying other places and have decided as bad as hospital nursing can be, I'd rather tough out a few 12 hr shifts a week than work 12-14 hrs plus drive time and travel - even though the pay is great - the time you have to devote for me is not worth it.

    I don't know what will happen in your case BUT ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS over and over if you have to and do not believe that things won't change. Even some of the nurses who have worked where I am now have been floored by the about face the management has done. The sad thing is I really enjoy the work and the patients but what they are asking, for me, is too much. Good luck.
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  5. by   madwife2002
    I was brought across country for a dialysis position and they fed me a lot of lies and untruths.
    2 years later I am still with the same company, I am glad I stayed the 12 weeks training and the 150 mile a day travel.
    It was hard but I love dialysis and the patients, it was worth it in the end.
    Although if I had a better offer during my training I think I would have bit their hand off.
  6. by   Gratefulprn
    I was offered a position w/Davita sometime back. I declined it because of the required travel - both in and out of state - as well as being told there is a Davitease (?) language that is spoken and team mates work 10-14 hours/day every day they work. To me that signaled not enough nurses/techs for the patients. I don't mind working hard or over on occasion but it seems the mind set is Davita first, your life
  7. by   Joni's Mom
    We were also bought out by this company. Well it's been 5 months they hired all kinds of new staff, and now new and old staff are told hours need to be cut down. Also we were told no raises for the next full year, which in turn, means no raises till June of next year then you wait till your annual year is up maybe you'll get a raise maybe not d/t pt complience and numbers. So if you start out with a high salary then you'll probably sign a contract for that amount. Everyone was signed on at our company at least for a year, then I think out they go after the year is up.
    Watch your frail patient's their fistula first program just lost a finger and the use of a hand of one poor woman. They push fistula's for everyone. They don't care if the pt had numerous fistulas that failed or small calcified veins, they just want the catheters gone and fistulas or grafts in. It's all about numbers. This is a FOR PROFIT COMPANY YOU WILL COUNT EVERYTHING.
    Sorry about the ranting, just trying to give some insite. All for One and One for all?
  8. by   Lucky724
    I resigned. This company and it's practices are just not inline with my personal or professional ethics. Too many changes and too many "oops..forgot to mention" re: training, mileage, hours, pay, etc. I hope this isn't your case once the buy out is done but the clinic I was at - albeit briefly - was bought by Davita less than a year ago and things are starting to change and fast.
  9. by   Joni's Mom
    Same with our company. Where will you go?

    When the company's are taken over there was all kinds of promises, this lasted about 3 months, now the staff cuts working short, and we have to make sure there is no overtime even though we are short staffed. Almost daily there are changes, and since they took over there have been more fistula infections, not sure what thats about maybe the new way of taping the fistula. We had 0 infections before. Imagine that.
  10. by   Guttercat
    Welcome to Fortune 500 dialysis.

    These corporations have evolved over the last twenty years into the majority market holders of our specialty for one reason only, profit. They exist to make the shareholders a postiive return. If you work for one, that is your raison d' etre within the company as well.

    As reimbursement continues to decline, and becomes more difficult to obtain as we move into a "pay for performance" style, there will be additional burdens placed on staff to cut hours and jump through hoops.

    Imho, this will not be a postiive (let alone a lateral) career move, unless you have your sights set on moving into management or a corporate level capacity within the company.

    Best wishes.
  11. by   madwife2002
    Any dialysis company is cutting hours and we are already jumping through hoops!
  12. by   Guttercat
    Quote from madwife2002
    Any dialysis company is cutting hours and we are already jumping through hoops!
    Mostly agree. But...

    ...not all dialysis companies/facilities...yet. Those that don't currently cut hours and jump through hoops, have been or will be bought out by those that are adapting in-step with federal and thus, real-market changes.

    The challenge for dialysis professionals to maintain career satisfaction, will be in choosing a company that they can get behind, despite the coming onslaught of changes.

    The days of not-for-profit and hospital-owned dialysis utopia, are pretty much over.

    Some will choose different life/career avenues; some will choose to stay in the field. People need to self-educate and prepare for the imminent changes ahead.
  13. by   Gypsyryder
    Hello I work for DaVita . I did work for Gambro and was bought out I like to say adopted by in 05 I think I am an acutes nurse . Yes we work long and hard. The company I feel is awesome .Depending on what your company sets up for you is what you will get . It is slow right now keep that in mind . I love Dialysis . Good Luck . I hope it turns out well for you . I have been with DaVita 15 years Acutes 9 . Commuunication is key . Don't give up 5 mins before miracle happens
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  14. by   Chisca
    Quote from nlhrn
    What are Davita's uniforms?
    Pirate hats. Not sure if you have to talk like a pirate.

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