nursing jobs in delaware

  1. I keep seeing a lot of posts on this site saying that new grads are having problems getting jobs. However, it seems like it may be subject to where you live. Just wanted to see if anybody in Delaware is having problems with finding a job?
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    Most places seem to want at leadt one year experience. Look around, a few places may accept a new grad.
  4. by   LylaRae
    I've spoken to a few nurse recruiters in DE and MD and the story has been the same across the board. It's not looking good. Positions are very limited and therefore, very competitive.
  5. by   Noelle2279
    Anyone know what the starting salaries are in Delaware or Maryland for a Bachelors in RN?
    I'm hearing mixed reviews and can't tell which is accurate.
  6. by   DEgalRN
    Very competitive for new grads in DE and the surrounding areas. However, if you can snag a job, it seems like starting pay can range from $25-$28/hr.
  7. by   lovesjoshandelena
    I suggest contacting an agency. A lot of times they will hire you as a sub school nurse to start out providing you pass all of the testing requirements. Good luck!
  8. by   SkaterGurl
    I know a lot of the temp agencies are hiring (like Bayada). It's a good way to gain experience and get your foot in the door. Also, Bayhealth is hiring for pt/per diem but you have to be persistent and have great references.