New Grad. Positions in DELAWARE

  1. Hi I really want to move to Delaware to be closer to friends. I just passed boards but I havent accepted a position yet. Im still waiting for positions at Christiana or St. Francis to open up. Ive been waiting a month now and ive grown restless. Everyone is saying that there is a nursing shortage but Delaware doesnt seem to be having one since I don't see an open positions for new graduates.
    So I really want to move but I don't want to do so until I know I have a position. I am willing to wait another month or so but not any longer.

    Does anyone have any recomendations on what to do while I wait for Christiana or St. Francis to post new graduate positions??
    What nearby hospitals maybe be a better option?
    Or is there a shortage on positions for new grads in surrounding states also????
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  3. by   casperx875x
    From what I understand, Christiana is under a bit of a hiring freeze right now. There are very few positions available, and the only way you can get into one of those positions right now is if you already work for the organization. Even still, I have a friend who's worked there 2+ years as a tech, graduated, passed NCLEX and cannot find an opening anywhere for a floor nursing position. I have a friend who took a job with St. Francis about 6 months ago and really loves it. Problem is, I believe they are in a similar position as Christiana right now.

    My suggestion would be to take a look at Union Hospital in Elkton, MD. A lot of people have poked fun at the organization itself in the past, but they have made several, several changes within the organization over the past couple of years. I had my senior preceptorship on the pediatric unit and thought very, very highly of the facility. It is worth your consideration. I know they have a few positions open right now, so take a look! You may find something that works for you! Best of luck in your searches.
  4. by   MelodyRNurse
    I have been waiting for jobs to open up at St. Francis or Christiana for six months and casper is right, neither one is really hiring new grads. There are some positions available at kent general in dover, but they are not specific about thier requirements ( There is also Upper Chesapeake in Bel Air, MD and Harford Memorial in Havre de grace, MD they both have positions open. I have also heard that Union is hiring.
  5. by   MIC!
    What is the pay like for a graduate nurse at Kent General??