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Trauma Centers- East Coast

  1. 0 I'm hoping to relocate to the East Coast within the next year and am open to location. My biggest hope is to work in a level one trauma center (and live near water) and I know minimal about hospitals out east and have done some internet search but would love to hear from others' experiences. Thanks.
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    Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond. I can get you exact hospitals if you PM me, I live here and that is my aspiration when I graduate and get some experience.
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    Sentara Norfolk General is a place to start. Level one trauma center.
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    MUSC in SC is a level 1, big hospital and Charleston is near beaches etc..Grand Strand Regional Medical is a level 2, very good trauma program and is on the beach, Myrtle Beach SC..
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    Boston has many level one trauma centers and we're close to water... might not be the water you want though.
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    Wonderful suggestions everyone. I'm hoping if by starting researching locations now, when the time comes I'll have the info needed to make a good decision. I would need to live somewhere (maybe the country or by a lake) where my significant other, five dogs, and myself can live but still commute. Cost of living is important of course and coming from Indiana anywhere we go is going to be vastly different than what we're used to (price-wise) but we're ready to move out of Indiana. I want to be at a facility that is at the top of its field, driven by research, and a facility that appreciates each team member for what they bring to the facility.
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    I've heard of a big one in Baltimore and there are many here in NY.
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    Don't forget University of MD Shock Trauma.
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    Quote from sbaldy
    Don't forget University of MD Shock Trauma.
    I second. And Baltimore is right on the bay
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    I have a friend that just moved to Baltimore and took a position in a new unit that receives critical trauma patients, stabilizes, lines, and tubes the patient before sending out to the unit. I've read some amazing things about the facility and am interested in learning more about the area. The hospital seems to be a leader in trauma resuscitation and care, but it would be interesting to hear the insight from an employee that has been there for awhile.
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    New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC is a level 2 trauma center...
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    North Carolina is looking like a great place overall to go with so many options available. Does anyone have personal experiences in hospitals in that area?
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    Update: I have an interview in a couple of weeks at University of Maryland Medical Center in their Shock Trauma Center in the NeuroTrauma ICU. Super excited and nervous. I hope this goes well, it would mean a lot to me.