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  1. sbaldy

    Advanced practice nurses in trauma?

    If you are interested in trauma, check out University of Maryland, they have a critical care, ER and trauma nurse practitioner program. When I was researching programs, I had considered applying but decided on Penn State Acute Care program instead. Good luck!!
  2. I graduated from there years ago, 1993. The program had and still has a great reputation. The instructors are great and are very approachable. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone interested.
  3. sbaldy

    Pennsylvania State University- FNP program

    I'm in the adult acute program at PSU and so far all is going well. The program is a blend of classroom and on line classes. When you have to be on campus, the school does a good job of offering the classes on the same day. It makes for a long day but I only have request off one day a week for now. The school has a list of facilities and practices that PSU has a contract with for their students. You can also pursue other facilities and PSU will draw up a contract with them. Good luck and hope you get accepted!
  4. sbaldy

    Drexel university online ACNP program?

    I'm not attending Drexel but my program has 100% on line classes and hybrid classes as well. I have found that designating time for my reading and projects works well. I set aside about 20 hours a week and do not schedule anything during that time. Since classes are on line, I have flexibility to set my own schedule. You have to get away from distractions and I found that scheduling my study time when my husband is at work is best for me. I wish you luck!
  5. sbaldy

    Trauma Centers- East Coast

    Don't forget University of MD Shock Trauma.
  6. sbaldy

    Frederick Memorial

    Have you considered going north to Hagerstown? I know nurses that live in Frederick and travel to Meritus to work. They say commute is about 1/2 hour.
  7. sbaldy

    RN looking for ICU/CCU job and Moving to MD

    What area in MD are you looking at? I work in an ICU in northern MD. We have been looking for experienced RNs.
  8. sbaldy

    Penn State Programs

    Was wondering if anyone had attended Penn State nurse practitioner programs. I have been accepted into the acute care post masters certificate program and am looking for others who have or is currently in their programs. Thanks!