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I have been an ICU nurse (male nurse) for near 17 years. I was an ICU nurse during my time I served in the Navy and served in Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. I'm really good at I do I and I always find myself carry the... Read More

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    Jrod, I really find your situation disturbing!!! I totally agree with the others that you need to get out of this situation. If you still love critical care, try a different hospital . Not all ICU' s are like what you are experiencing . Your present situation is taking a enormous toll on your physiological AND psychological health !!!! You are in imminent danger of a major health problem ( CVA, MI, etc.) if you do not leave this situation. Please protect yourself, your license, and your patients and get out of there!!! If you have an Android device, download the app "Nursing Jobs". It literally has hundreds of open jobs within 25, 50, or 100 miles of your home --- the choice is up to you. It has jobs for infusion nurses in free standing infusion centers, home health, office nurse positions, office positions @ health insurance companies counseling patients in wellness centers, hospice nurse, nursing home, and hospital positions. It also has positions for research assistants in university settings --- esp cardiology research positions !!!!! Take some time off and explore your options !!! I promise you will not regret it !!!! I found a position as a nurse in an outpatient eye surgery center using this app. This app even has job listings for the VA, such as positions in hemodialysis, anti- coat clinic, ICU, ER, clinics, and OR . PLEASE listen to your body ---- it is trying to tell you that you need a change !!! Also ever consider teaching or agency or even legal nurse consulting ????? Send out some resumes to law offices and see what happens !!!! Lastly even try combining several part time jobs so you have something different everyday !!! God Bless and best wishes !!! Bruce M. Pomeroy, MSN, RN

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