Anyone have any good critical care questions to quiz me on? - page 2

Hey all you expert critical care nurses! I am going to be taking the BKAT 8. I took it once before. Not sure how prepared I am for it again...I have a little bit of experience in CC, but I think I... Read More

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    Quote from libbyliberal

    What do you do about it?
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    Okay ... I'm starting compressions, now.

    Anything else I an do???

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    The surgeon would notified of the need for pt to go back to the OR and get set up for a bedside sternotomy to scoop out the clots.
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    Anybody think a CXR would be a good idea too?
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    and an echo
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    Milk the chest tubes, now.
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    Pericardiocentesis? Increase chest tube suction?
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    fluid bolus as far as i know. This should elevate a lowering bp by increasing preload.
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    I liked all these great answers!!! It had me thinking. Thanks for sharing, wish there where more like this !!!!!

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