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    This will be my first nursing conference. What do I wear? Business casual, scrubs, casual, business professional.Thanks!
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    I would most definitely NOT wear scrubs! Casual to business casual would be appropriate. Remember, you are networking as well, so dress modestly and professionally so you represent yourself well. If your employer is paying for any and all of your conference, you are also representing them. But you are also going to conferences, so you want to be comfortable.

    When I go to a conference, whether it be locally or in another city, I wear comfortable shoes, nice slacks and a sweater or nice blouse. Make it easy on yourself. If you are going out of town, you may be sight seeing too. I went to NTI in San Francisco one year and did not expect it to be so cold! I ended up having to buy a light jacket. You may want to check out the weather before you go so you won't have any surprises.

    Have fun!!
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    And be sure to check out the Allnurses.com booth at NTI! You'll get to meet the AN administrative staff plus other members who come by, and they're giving away free stuff---what could be better?
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    Quote from e-girl
    This will be my first nursing conference. What do I wear? Business casual, scrubs, casual, business professional.Thanks!
    I always wear my nursing pin!
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    Business casual for during the day. If there are dinners or evening events, bring something a little nicer.

    Yes, you will be networking too. It's surprising whom you meet at these things.
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    I'm there right now; people are wearing everything from nice jeans/capris to suits. Bring a sweater, they have the AC cranked high!!
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    a little late to ask, eh? started today!

    look nice. you will meet people you'll be seeing in the future; make sure their first impression of you is positive. business casual, and for sure, a sweater because the ac is always too high in those places.

    hey-- is an going to cmsa in june? see you there!
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    GrnTea, what is CMSA?
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    case management society of america, annual meeting in san francisco at the moscone center, june 19-22. usually about 6-7k attendees, most of them nurses. great opportunity to check out case management, too, if anyone's interested. (i'm speaking....come and see if you can guess who i am!!)
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    NTI is GREAT!!!! I know you'll have a lot of fun & the educational opportunities are top-notch. Lots of people wear something that identifies the state they're from... it's a good icebreaker for networking. My fave is a Texas totebag that I use for out of state conferences. Be sure to take a camera - my phone never has enough storage for pics.
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