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Scrubs for Prison

  1. 0 Just discovered I can't wear scrubs that are:
    Ceil, navy, orange, lime green, burgundy, teal, or red.
    I asked, "What do I wear?" They said most people wear pink and black. Joy.
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    i work in a prison and we wear all of those colors with a printed top. for example, i'll wear ceil blue pants with a yellow tinker bell scrub top. that way i'm not confused for an inmate! at my prison they just don't want us to wear an entire outfit with those colors.
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    Good to know! I went shopping and focused on print tops. After working ED and Psych, I forgot what it's like to wear "fun" scrubs...
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    I just avoid
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    When I spent my time in the prison nursing no khakis for us that is what the inmates wore.
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    We aren't allowed to wear khaki (general population inmates), red or orange (segregation i/m) or bright yellow (diagnostic i/m), we can't wear denim scrubs either.
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    We are provided with 5 sets of scrubs per year free of charge. They are the "Grey's Anatomy" brand in royal blue with our logo embroidered on the upper left side of the scrub top. Pretty sweet!
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    I wear everything except for ceil blue. I could wear ceil blue bottoms but just choose not to. I love being able to wear any color I want. Previously worked at a hospital where we had to wear purple bottoms and white tops. Although purple is my favorite was a little boring!
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    Hi! I am back working in corrections after a stint in LTC- anyway I had to dump my blue scrubs after an IM sent in a kite stating "talked to the nurse in the gang blues". LOL!
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    I love it! Prison is one place you can wear super silly scrubs and get away with it. I don t wear a color that matches inmates(tan) but black is my favorite. My reasoning: they are constantly checking the nurses out but black keeps the outline from being obvious. Also dark grey matches everything! I was wearing white on white at my last hospital so i love the new dress code.
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    Do you have to wear scrubs? When I worked for the sheriff's office (deputy) our nurses there wore a jailer's uniform. That'd be my pick.
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    We arent allowed to wear ANY color Blue or any complete set of: Orange, yellow, red, black, grey, white. It limits alot. However, you can wear a printed top with any bottoms (except blue of any kind).
    I wear regular tops (peasant kind comes up highest and is loosefitting) over scrub pants with cargo pockets. Then I have my pockets, but love that I can be different than everyone else.

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