Calling all LA County Sheriff's Dept. Nurses

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    Hello! I can't find any LA Sheriff's Dept. nurses on here so I am starting a new thread. I am waiting for my background check to clear, then will work amongst you! What do you like about your job? What don't you like? What are the facilities like? I have many questions about what to expect. Feel free to post about anything r/t LA County Jail Nursing. I have 3-6 months to read your posts!

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    Hi, congratulations on being hired...Im actually scheduled for an interview this month for the LASD rn 1 program..If its not too much trouble can i ask what questions they asked? and if you can give me some advice since this is going to be my first job interview..
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    What are your backgrounds in, if you dont mind me asking? was it a long process most county jobs are?
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    Well, it is a long process. I applied in Oct. and still have 3-6 months after the background check to be cleared for a position. If it's still vacant then I am in. The interview questions are different each time-they have a list of questions they read from. Nursing scenarios, prioritization questions. You will be interviewed by a panel (like all county jobs). You have to sign a document stating you can not disclose the questions asked so I can't give specifics but if you search correctional nursing you may find some answers! I have worked in long-term care and hospice as an LVN and have only one month as a Hospice RN. I could not get into a new grad program to save my life!
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    Thanks for the quick response lindah. I also worked in long term care and found out it wasn't the right fit for me. Your right its so difficult to get in a new grad program.
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    hi! im taking the written exam tomorrow. any advice for me! im a new grad to and having having hard time to find for a job! lol thanks!
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    yehboy did u already got the results? Because I took also the written exam last 1/7/11 and until now I havent received anything! tnx!
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    Hi Nurse Lindah.
    I applied for a correctional nursing postion in late Sept. and took the written test, which I passed and then had an oral interview which I am grateful to have passed and am now on the eligibility list for hire. Did you have an oral interview and a letter stating that you are on the eligibility list? Also, did they start the background check on you? Please let me know since I kind of have my hopes up for this job! Thanks!
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    If you don't mind, can you tell me how they contacted you for the background check and how long it took from test date to interview to background check? Also, you stated that 'if' a position was available you would get the job. Isn't there multiple positions available? Let me know if you don't mind.....Thanks!
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    Quote from nurse_16
    yehboy did u already got the results? Because I took also the written exam last 1/7/11 and until now I havent received anything! tnx!

    hi nurse_16! i still dont have the result... we need to wait for 4 weeks right?

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