are correctional nurses allowed to wear knee-length skirts? are correctional nurses allowed to wear knee-length skirts? | allnurses

are correctional nurses allowed to wear knee-length skirts?

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    I wouldn't think you would want to.....
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    Is this a joke? Because I lol'd.
    I certainly wouldn't.
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    Scrub pants give you a lot more protection against an inadvertent wardrobe malfunction. While our dress code does not specifically prohibit it, none of my female staff wear dresses or skirts to work.
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    The place I'm at requires you to wear scrubs. Even if they didn't, I definitely would not want to wear skirts. If the inmates made the rules, the answer would probably be yes LOL
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    I worked with a nurse for religious reasons she wore scrub skirts, they were pass her knees and she wore tights or leggings under them with no problem.
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    I've never heard of them not being allowed depending on color, however none of my coworkers do. We all wear scrub pants.

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    If you are working in a housing unit with tiers, you wouldnt want to wear a skirt regardless of the length of it. If wearing a skirt is something a person always does for religious or personal reasons, they may want to consider a minimum security prison; though do not know if the state will allow anything but pants.
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    I work at a level 5 male correctional center. There is no way I would wear a skirt. It is important to remember the environment you are working in.