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I'm looking for an RN ICU position in CT. Which hospitals do you recommend I look at? I live in Manchester CT but am new to the area. What's UCONN like? Does anyone know Manchester Memorial? What... Read More

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    I have worked at St. Rafael for 2 years as a SNT. They offered me an RN position however I turned it down. The reason is the floor I was working on I felt as if all the new nurses were getting burned out too fast. One of my friends who was there at the time was a new nurse and she became charge nurse within 6 months and she was stressed. However, she changed to night shifts and she said its wonderful. In addition, they were recruiting alot of foreign nurses. I thought also the pay wasnt all that great as well. But I can honestly say it is a great place to learn, you do see alot in that hospital.
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    Quote from LadyMarine
    Hi. I live in Connecticut. I am a LPN but I work at a hospital in the ER. I work at Midstate Medical Center in Meriden. It is 130 bed hospital, built in 1998. It is state of the art. All private rooms. If you are interested here is the web site. www.midstatemedical.org The staff is great and a friendly place to work. Also it was voted one of the top 50 places to work in the US. Good luck, Nancy
    Hi, is Midstate Medical Center still hiring LPN's? If YES, which area of the hosp. & how is the pay scale?
    I appreciate the info. , I live very close & may be seeking part time/per diem. Thanks
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    I work at Yale and I LOVE it. There's tons of opportunity, the benefits are great, and there are multiple locations within the health system if you wanted a change of pace.
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    Thanks for all of the tips and advice on CT hospitals! I spent this past week (my Spring Break) interviewing and shadowing at both the Yale-New Haven hospital and St. Raphael's. It was a hard choice because both hospitals have so many positive aspects, and everyone seemed very friendly. I'm happy to have a job lined up, and feel that the shadowing experiences were very helpful (for anyone still looking). :spin: Between finding the right place to work and live, it was a crazy week! Now that all of that fun is over, it's time to focus on boards! (Yikes!!!) :smiley_ab

    Thanks again for all of the input!
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    Hi Twigloo, I also live in canada and I would like to know what steps you are taking to relocate to CT....I would like to relocate, just not sure how to begin this process.

    Thanks for any info that I can get.:spin:
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    Quote from CRNAorBust
    Well I live in NY and I have an interview at Yale tomorrow. Would love to hear what i might expect from that experience. Its for a medical floor. The hospital sounds great so far......good pay, benefits, teaching hospital, etc etc.

    So far not to many people talking much about any hospital.......hope you can give me some insights........thanks

    Hi there:
    Just wanted to know where you ended up working in CT. Was it Yale? I am still searching out options. Can you tell me if you or anyone you know has worked at New Britain Hospital or Griffin Hospital..if so, are these good hospitals to work for?
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    Quote from spirit11
    Hi Twigloo, I also live in canada and I would like to know what steps you are taking to relocate to CT....I would like to relocate, just not sure how to begin this process.

    Thanks for any info that I can get.:spin:
    Hi there:
    I haven't decided which hospital to apply to yet....still looking for feedback for CT hospitals..have you looked into New Britain?
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    Hi RockNurse,
    I Live in CT and have worked at both Middlesex Hospital and Hartford Hospital. Both are Magnet Hospitals which is important to look for in my opinion. Middlesex is by far the more relaxed work environment, and much more in tune with promoting good staffing and employee development. However, it is a small hospital, so the acuity is low. You said you were looking for ICU so you may be looking for more action. In that case Hartford is the way to go. Its an innercity teaching hospital and as such is where most other hospitals send patients who are going bad. They have specialty ICU's for each type of medicine as well as step down units. I myself am just switching back to Hartford after 3 years at Middlesex. Pay is pretty comparable with all of CT hospitals. Competition is pretty fierce.
    Hope this helped