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  1. RXCT

    student nurses pay

    I thought at least $30. Absolutely! A new LPN can start at $27/hr & be up to $30 in no time! Try Masonicare/or most LTC facilities. Tell them what you want & you will get it with 3 weeks vacation, 2 weeks sick time, plus personal time plus, health insurance and 401K. You can make even more, $35+ if you work weekend choice (every fri-sat-sun). RN's at my work make about $2 more an hour in each area...don't be fooled by what others think... You need to go to an interview & display your confidance. Tell them what your worth! Good Luck!
  2. That book is right...
  3. With a COPD'er the MAX O2 delivered should be 2-3 L. No greater than 3L due to their inability to blow-off the CO2. With only one lung; that's another story and I'm guessing the O2 will now be below the2-3L mark. Once paramedics arrive, it's out of your hands. Foolish to crank up to 6L without acknowledging the patients history. I would addressthe issue with the medic company and possibly they can "retrain" the person or offer addition education. But, then again I work LTC and Rehab and had had COPD patients with orders to increase O@ up to 5-6 L, doesn't help; only causes increased confusion if anything?????
  4. RXCT

    Good pay for starting LPN

    Just to let you know ahead of time that so there isn't a surprise. On long term care (at Masonicare) you have 30 +/- patients. I worked LTC on a holiday to fill in and it's very busy but, most all patients are stable. Your med pass is heavy but once you know your patients/meds etc. it flows much better. The place is super clean and that means a whole lot to me. Also, other LTC facilities are going to give you 30 patients as well and don't let anyone fool you. I believe the closest LTC facility that only has fewer ratio's is in Essex (20 patients). You get the system down good after a few weeks and then your more comfortable.
  5. RXCT

    Good pay for starting LPN

    Masonicare has big $$$$ for most new LPN w/ good grades and high GPA; but, even better bene's.
  6. RXCT

    LPN Tuition-how much did you pay?

    $21000 in CT for evening program
  7. RXCT

    Yale New Haven

    Your right! They do have orientation programs and also many I've known seen to get locked in at these two city hospitals because of there continuing education program. But, do consider other hospitals as well. They also offer great pay, Insurance, 401K, continuing education and all types of holiday/personal/sick time with up to 3 weeks vac/yr. Just don't settle on the "name". Good Luck
  8. RXCT

    What do you have to have to become a LPN?

    I went to LPN school in CT. 22months. Very horrific. They all have criteria for entrance examinations and then we had 50 in the class & only graduated 14 because they couldn't keep the 75% passing avarge. Oh. I weent to pvt. school and it was &25,000 at the time. No financial aid. Hope this helps.
  9. RXCT

    LPN's in Connecticut

    When I left them, the next evening class wa sbeing sighed on at about $28000.
  10. RXCT

    LPN's in Connecticut

    Starting is minimum $21/hr up to $25-30/hr or more w/ an agency. Most LTC use pool and and agency because nurses are limited here in CT. They don't like pool/agency because of the high$$$$$ for them. So, now pay is getting better and they tend to stay away from as much agency as they can. Overtime & per diem is plentiful!
  11. RXCT

    State Investigation on me please help!

    The bottom line is that the nurse on staff is held responsible no matter who did the wrong. I wouldn't woory about getting a "bad" mark against you, your not a nurse and your nursing license is what gets the "strike".
  12. RXCT

    specialty personnel services Inc

    Does anyone know the LP starting salary w/ Specialty? Thanks
  13. RXCT

    how much pay to expect

    Actually, CT does hire LPN's in the hospital. Charlotte Hungerford, Midstate, Waterbury Hospital, St.Mary's in Waterbury, Hosp.of St.Rhea's and Bridgeport Hosp. Bridg & St. Rhea's have ad's on career builder....ER for Bridgeport Hosp. I'm an LPN here in CT in rehab. and I make more than the RN's do in the hospital. SO sad but, lots of employment, many have told me the LPN pay scale w/ LTC is $25-$30/hr and an RN in St. Rhea's will be about $24 to start. Hospital's don't pay! Also, the LTC and Hosp. are tring to get their own employee's. They don't want pool/agency nurses. But, if you do go agency then you will be making crazy money!
  14. RXCT

    Please help!!! LPN or RT???

    Here in CT you can bridge to your RN...just as you can with many on-line prgms. I would suggest going for your LPN or RN because we need more nurses with the shortage that is escalating. Even if your JUST an lpn. I'm JUST an lpn & very satisfied with my work. I'm actually at the same rate of the newly hired RN's. So, if your a good LPN & you know your stuff you can really excell as JUST an lpn. I have no desire to continue with more nrsg school because I'm very happy. We need nurses so, one nurse to the other.....becaome a nurse if thats your dream...we need you....don't go for RT if nursing is your goal. You will regret it untill you finish nursing school. Nurses and RT's are not anywhere similar in careers. Much of your nursing career will be knowing your resp. assessments very well. Both LPN & RN's need to be very fine tuned to save a life. RT's is just resp. Not much of other body systems... you do a totally different line of work...nursing grows and there isn't any limits to what your career can grow into through nursing. There are not RT shortages as there are for LPN/RN. If your heart says "I'm a nurse" then become one! PS don't be fooled by the letters after your name. In my state LPN programms are up to 22 months straight.....very long & thats full time with only 2 weeks off that whole 22 months. Our RN programs (associates) are 2 years (44 four month semesters.) very odd how they do this. In the real world we do the same job & make about the same pay. If your really knowledgable & motivated then your in at any facility....they will pay you what your worth... Just an example: I went on an interview and was told that the starting LPN salary there was $20 even. I said no thanks unless you can beat the $26 that I was offered at another local facility. They exceeded that with anoth $1+...pretty good huh? I just found the starting salary for the facilities new RN's is $23-$24! Don't get me wrong it's not flex. like that everywhere but, if your worth it ..they pay! Money isn't everything but after all that work you need to pay manky loans off ($25,000 at my LPN school). I work on a rehab unit...more like a med-surg. unit....many aren't rehab fit yet! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I received about 9 days w/ a preceptor. She was very sloppy w/ her work & quick quick (because cig breaks were #1). I was glad to be let go on my own. Just remember there is always a nrsg super. in the bldg to call. You'll be fine! Good Luck
  16. RXCT

    LPN Tuition-how much did you pay?

    I'm not sure of your pay scale but, If you borrow that $25g it will cost about $100 a month on a gvt. loan.... Here in CT you make about $25-$30/hour as an LPN. hOpe this helps!