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salary expectations of a new grad in CT

  1. 0 hello all, I am happy to report that I have gotten a job (finally)'s in LTC here in eastern CT. I was just wondering if anyone has any input on what to expect for starting salary. I don't really have a point of reference but I feel like I'm starting on the low side of things with an annual salary of 37K. Maybe it's all the commercials that have been telling me that I will be one of the highest paid careers ever . Any input will be appreciated. And just so everyone knows, I am super grateful to have the job and excited to begin my career, just looking for info.
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    That seems incredibly low especially for the northeast. Are you working 40 hours a week or 36?
    What is the hourly rate?
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    RN will be somewhere around 50k/yr. depending on many factors
    LPN will be around 40k/yr depending on many factors

    Good luck!
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    I too am a new grad and am working in a LTC facility and am making $29/hr with a very low night differencial. I am thankful to have a job too, but will keep looking because the patient load is crazy and I only oriented one night!! Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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    i start at 23.50 an hour, which I feel is low, but again thankful. And it's 32 hours a week. I feel conflicted....I worked hard to maybe relax a bit with financial stress, but on the other hand...i guess I should be greatful for the job after 4 months of searching....but it seems low right?
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    Wow, I would've guessed much higher in CT. Maybe even about $55,000 for LTC.
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    wow, congratulations on getting a new job @raygun354.
    I hope to find a job too here in MA
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    I work in LTC in northeast CT and that rate, even for a new grad is VERY low. Are you sure they gave you an RN starting rate and not an LPN? If I were you I would ask a few questions. Regardless, congratulations for the new job. We start RN new grads at 30./hr
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    I think 37k for a new grad for part time hours is pretty good actually. 23 an hour sounds about right for 1st year.
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    its low...if you worked at Yale, you would be making 28.78 per hour.
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    Am in Kansas n my base pay is 19.81 an hour. That was my new grad rn starting rate. I am forced to work nights to make ends meet. If it wasn't for my night shift differential I would neeed 2 jobs to survive.
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    Quote from Preeps
    I think 37k for a new grad for part time hours is pretty good actually. 23 an hour sounds about right for 1st year.
    The OP is doing 32 hours, only 4 away from being considered full-time. That is too low in my opinion. I have a bachelor's in psychology and in nursing; without the latter, I can get a job for 37K. Where's the sense in going to school for the BSN only to earn a measly paycheck? I love "making a difference in people's lives", but not that much to only accept coins...... Either way, it's better than nothing. I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job as a new grad.
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    Sounds low to me. I'm in South Western CT and I am an LPN making $24/hr in LTC.