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RNHuskyFan has 16 years experience and specializes in Sub Acute/Rehab; LTC.

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  1. RNHuskyFan

    salary expectations of a new grad in CT

    I work in LTC in northeast CT and that rate, even for a new grad is VERY low. Are you sure they gave you an RN starting rate and not an LPN? If I were you I would ask a few questions. Regardless, congratulations for the new job. We start RN new grads at 30./hr
  2. Do you have a personal email? I can send my answers to you instead of a public forum.
  3. I will be happy to help if I can.
  4. RNHuskyFan

    Low starting pay for new RN?

    Its all relevent. The higher the pay, generally, the higher cost of living in the area.
  5. RNHuskyFan

    Low starting pay for new RN?

    At my facility (LTC/Rehab) in Connecticut, I start my new grads at 28.00 + shift diff/ full benefits if >24hrs/week. We are expanding and just posted 3 new positions.
  6. RNHuskyFan

    Am I In trouble?

    Hi, I agree with the other replies. I would question more why you waited to report the patients elevated temp to the doctor. By the way, was there a vanco bag in the fridge? That could have raised the question whether or not it was given. I seriously doubt this is an issue that could result in a loss of your license. However, like the others have said, a lesson learned. I also agree with the others that the cause of the sepsis is unlikely to be a few hours missed of a weekly vanco dose. Try to relax.
  7. RNHuskyFan

    Nursing Me Black

    You took the words right out of my mouth. A "white nurse" union would not go over well at all!!! We are all nurses and that is the group who should stick together and conquer, not divide.
  8. RNHuskyFan

    can an rn work as an lpn or med tech

    Very true. Speaking as an employer (I do the hiring at my facility) if an applicant "settled" for a position he/she is over qualified, I would suspect that the position would re-open as soon as he/she found a suitable position. The same with job status. If someone is seeking full-time, but settles for a part-time position, I would suspect he/she would be still looking for a full time position.
  9. RNHuskyFan

    can an rn work as an lpn or med tech

    I agree. If you accept an LPN position, you would still be required to perform as prudent RN in the same situation. In other words, if something happened to a patient requiring the skills of an RN, you could not say, your in a LPN position and shouldn't have to do it. However, checking with you State BONE is the best way to be sure. By the way, out of curiosity, how are many putting pictures on their profile. Too cool!!
  10. RNHuskyFan

    How many miles/minutes do you drive to work?

    I work 8 minutes from home and love it!!. I have considered other jobs that would be far away, 45 minutes, but at the end of the day, working close to home is a perk I will have a hard time giving up. With the price of gas and wear and tear on my car, I figure it is a $2000.00/year benefit.
  11. RNHuskyFan

    University of Phoenix- RN to BSN- Good Idea?

    I agree, UOP is hardly a diploma mill. The program is very challenging and the student MUST be self-disciplined or he/she will not make it. Many students in my classes either failed or dropped out because they though it would be the "easy degree". They were sadly mistaken. Those who criticize the program or believe it is easy and an "diploma mill" or "mail order degree" do not know about the experience. After I recieved by MSN/Ed from UOP, I am able to teach clinical at a major University as I would any other MSN.. My Degree was not questioned. UOP is an accredited University with all the same benefits as a ground school. The RN-BSN program does not have clinical hours because the ADN hours are credited. I cannot speak for the LPN - RN degree. I would imagine getting the 900 clinical hours (no way around it) would be a challenge. I would get a committment from a sponsoring facility before entertaining UOP for that degree. Just my opinion.
  12. RNHuskyFan

    Verbal Abuse and Nursing

    Yes, I can hear your frustrations. It is never easy. You do have the right, and should, protect yourself from physical harm. I tell the nurses and cnas at my facility that if a patient's behaviors are escalating, never approach them or get too close if you feel physically threatened. Sometimes reapproaching at a later time is a better option. Because dementia and/or psych patients may not necessarily know what they are doing, may "excuse" the behavior, but nurses need to find a creative but effective way to intervene where harm is minimized to both staff and patients. In my opinion, dementia and psych patients with severe behavioral disorders are one of the most difficult to care for.
  13. RNHuskyFan

    Verbal Abuse and Nursing

    As difficult as it is to be yelled at or verbally abused by a patient, try not to take it personally, especially if the patient has dementia or psych issues. The patient is probrably more tormented than we are. Remember the nurse can eventually go home but these patients have to live with their diagnosis forever. Very difficult situation for everyone.
  14. RNHuskyFan

    Verbal Abuse and Nursing

    You did the right thing by reporting witnessed abuse. A nurse could be culpuble if she/he witnesses abuse and neglects to report the incident to the proper person(s). If you are being harrassed by a supervisor or co-worker for doing the ethical thing you have a case for workplace harrassment covered under the sexual harrassment law. I would take this furthur if you feel you are a victim of a hostile workplace environment. Report this to your Director of Nursing and Human Resources. Your supervisor/co-workers are breaking the law. Just my opinion.
  15. RNHuskyFan

    University of Phoenix- RN to BSN- Good Idea?

    Hi, I graduated from UOP with both by BSN and MSN/Ed. I had a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it. I am not sure what kind of negative feedback you recieved, but it you let me know, perhaps I can help. I attened both ground school and on-line. If I choose to pursue furthur education, I would certainly continue with on-line.