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ooops... the other one had 2011 instead of 2012... let's try this again: Just thought I would start a new thread for the current application cycle. Questions... stats... rumors... etc! My... Read More

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    CCC - Self calculated GPA of (let's say) 3.95 83.3 TEAS and A in AP1

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    One last question - no one's grades were listed next to the pre-reqs, correct? I guess I could analyze this for days, is it possible that our mail is backed up a little bit? Am i freaking out for no reason?!?!
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    @saramisu: don't worry, like you said: "letters will be received in the week of April 9th"!
    I'm sure everything is alright. I will call the school tomorrow anyways...just to make sure. Don't over analyze it!
    your stats are awesome! your GPA is better than mine, and we have the same TEAS score (how funny!) and same AP grade!
    I don't see why people with 3.8 and 3.9GPAs shouldn't be accepted! and you're the one who said last year some received the letters a day after! nobody said the letters HAD to be in relax I'll let you know tomorrow morning after 8 what happened when I called the school!
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    Lol I knoooowww..thanks!!! Tomorrow is a new day! Where do you live? I live near Enfield.
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    I live in Danbury (30min from NVCC south). right on the NY border...
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    @saramisu: you know what the fun thing is about being "outsiders?" the whole thrad is ours now hahaha I guess nobody is checking in you and I can enjoy coffee and cake while we are STILL WAITING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA
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    I'm here, haha!! It's probably the postal service, you all should get yours tomorrow. I was so bummed when my mail man came the first time with just a package. Nursewannabe, what classes are you taking now? I have a couple girls in my class now from Danbury
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    @allforthekidds: oh hi, you're still here
    Micro and phsychology online....what class are they in? did you hear anybody from danbury getting letters?
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    I do have one question though...maybe someone can answer. I haven't taken PSY II and COM yet. I was trying to take PSY class this summer. Is there any chance I can take COM next year in the summer (if I get accepted, which I STILL don't know haha), otherwise I have to take it in the last NUR semester, which would be not good.
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    Livetolearn and JF, I look forward to seeing you in the fall, and anyone else accepted to TRCC!

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