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Hello all, It's almost that time of year again! I'm applying to the 2011 class which the application period begins this November 1st. We have two months to prepare our applications! Anyone else... Read More

  1. by   Rooskenator
    Never know, all just depends on the applicant pool. Unfortunately, previous degrees do not count for anything. They DO calculate your GPA differently. It's not just your whole undergrad GPA. They do EVERYTHING within the past 5 years, no matter if they use it as a class that counts for the degree with them or not and anything older than 5 years that counts toward what they use. (example: I graduated college in '06, so the only thing they will use from my B.S. is what they use for their program, which is English, Psych, Math. Then all the classes from the past five years, even a Chem elective they don't need, count too.) Does that make sense? They calculate this GPA as 50% of your overall "ranking", 25% is from A&P I grade, 25% TEAS score.

    And 75% of the applicants they accept are based on ranking, 25% lottery system from all eligible applicants. So, even if you don't have the highest ranking, there is still a shot of getting in. HTH.
  2. by   ORnurseCT
    Quote from mattfd37
    Don't believe the hype! That person you talked about who wants to help has no system in place to do such a thing. There are day clinicals offered. They don't care about your commute. They make up their own questions for exams rather then out of a test bank. The clinical instructors are awesome! Hospitals right now in 102 are Yale, St Rays, Middlesex and Waterbury. I do like the program, they are very frustrating to deal with most of the time. Just fyi.
    Update: you're so right about that person. She tells students to concentrate on the wrong topics for tests she is completely useless in my opinion. They aren't sending students to Middlesex this semester, Midstate is only three 13 hour OB days. I'm in 102 can't wait for 201, this semester is unorganized and our schedule changed more times than I can count. SN positions at YNHH are no longer paid. I love my clinical instructors, but the lab instructors for the required 8 hours of open lab all have different standards so its confusing when you get validated. The first semester was easier and more organized, but I'm surviving just fine. I'm learning and that is the important thing.