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ooops... the other one had 2011 instead of 2012... let's try this again: Just thought I would start a new thread for the current application cycle. Questions... stats... rumors... etc! My question is... for those applying... Read More

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    @saramisu. Sorry I was so behind with school that I needed to do a lot over the past couple days. My A&P teacher said that we really need to be vaccinated for the Hep B vaccine if we want to do nursing, because if something happens to us, and we get the disease, no body is responsible for that and nobody will take over any medical bills. I suggest to everyone just to follow as to what the school wants. Get ALL your titers done and get ALL vaccines that are needed, even if you have to spend 1000 dollars for that. Don't forget, we will be "working" in the hospital, there is so many diseases, do you want to get sick? the school is just helping in preventing us from any kind of disease that could be prevented through vaccination. We better spend the time and money for it now, instead of later being sorry...the mom of one of my girlfriends works as a CNA in a hospital, she got Hep C from a patient...I'm just saying. The school is not trying to annoy us and make us spend money, it's just for our safety.
    where did you get your titers done and how much was that? I'm trying to find something cheap, I don't know if my insurance will cover that. I have to call them tomorrow. I'd like to get them done on wednesday.

    I have a question. How does the hospital check our background and when? and the drug tests? when do we have to provide these? once we start working there or are they gonna call us or what??? I don't know

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    Some hospitals wont let you in the door without certain vaccines.
    Last year we had to do an online background check. I think it was around $60.
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    what? $60 more bucks hahahaha
    when did you have to do it? what was the deadline for that?
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    I think it was before out August Orientation (GWCC)
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    so how does it work? I've never done one before? You go on a website, enter information about yourself...they check it..and then you can print it and bbring it to the hospital? thank you studentnurseCT..I thought the hospital does itself and pays for itself hahaha
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    I don't think there was anything to print. You enter your school name and it covers all hospitals in CT. We also had to do an online exam with a scantron form and bring it in. There were people who showed up that didn't have it done, of course. They had until the next day. There was a time frame and some people procrastinate. It must have been free and easy I barely remember doing it.
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    What kind of exam with a scantron? What did it ask/cover? This whole thing is so much and starting to annoy the expenses agghhh
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    @NurseWannaBe - The info I received in the mail with my acceptance described the background check. But I'm sure they will go over more information about it at orientation. There is a "Health and Safety" training that is online, and there is a link to it on the mycomment student tab.

    Here's a question, and maybe individuals who are finishing their first year in the program could answer this from experience. I know they recommend getting the flu vaccine and some hospitals probably require it. But would it make sense to wait until fall to do that since the influenza virus mutates every year? I don't see what getting that vaccine will do if we aren't in the clinic settings until mid-october. Any opinions/experiences?
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    Also... has anyone seen the instructional videos on youtube from Capital? Pretty interesting!
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    Congrats to everyone who has been accepted and boosts of encouragement to continue on for those who have been wait listed or need to spend another year preparing themselves for another try. Any time that you spend over the next year will only make your foundation stronger for acceptance next year. Big hugs to you!

    I have been accepted for the Spring 2013 at Gateway and at BHSN. I have heard fantastic things about both schools. Lately, I have heard so many great things from people in the medical community about the nurses that Gateway is educating. This is the school that would be closest for me. If anyone has any type of argument for one school vs. the other, I would love to hear your thoughts. Looking forward to meeting all of my classmates!

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