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  1. hi imzjackson sorry it took me so long to respond but i did ask my friend about the style of teaching and she suggested to carry one of the recording devices and to be very punctual for lectures and clinical. Most of the teaching is done by the slide shows but i don't if anything would change when we start. have you heard or received any updates from norwalk recently!
  2. bedigmo

    norwalk community college 2012

    thanks for replying to this forum. did you get accepted in the fall or spring semester. i got accepted in the spring.
  3. hi imzjackson i also have been accepted at norwalk for spring 2013. it is a great program! My dad and my best friend graduated with their nursing degrees from there. i do know the instructors expect a lot from the students and for clinical exams the students are given three chances to perform the skill they are asked. Hope this helps! did you get an email about not getting the immunization done right now. thanks
  4. hi creolenurse thanks for the reply do you know if they have two different semesters of starting nursing program at norwalk and if you are staring in fall when is your orientation.
  5. hi just wondering if anyone got into norwalk i did get my acceptance letter but it says that the program won't start untill spring 2013.
  6. hi guys i am a silent reader of this forum but i am very excited to get into the nursing program. i just received my acceptance letter for NCC. i want to congratulate all that made it and pray for those who didn't.don't loosehope just keep trying your day will come. god bless!!
  7. bedigmo

    norwalk community college 2012

    has anyone heard from norwalk community college regarding fall 2012 admissions

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