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    I am in the process of taking my pre-requites for a nursing program. What I would like to know is do the hospitals in CT have a hiring preferance when it comes to a BSN prepared nurse over an ADN graduate? I have been reading the postings on this topic from other states and I am getting the Idea that many of the hospitals in certain states will only hire a BSN prepared nurse, is this infact the same in our state? I am a little worried about it if I go the ADN route would I beable to get a job in a hospital once I graduate.
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  3. by   mattfd37
    That is not true at all. We sit for the same test BSN's do. Some, if not all hospitals will require you to pursue your BSN upon hiring. I've had three classmates get hired already at surrounding hospitals and they haven't taken the NCLEX yet. You're fine just know you will have to continue your education after you get hired. Your aim should really be MSN if you're young enough and have the time.
  4. by   knittygrittyRN
    Some of the major hospitals (like Yale) are magnet Hospital and they hire only BSN nurses now. Any nurses they have that aren't BSN they're encouraging to go back to school. I go to school for a BSN and we've been told many hospitals can now afford to be very picky. If you have the time and money I say continue your education if that's what your long term goals are. The best idea is to look into the hospitals in your area and see what they want and ask around.
  5. by   mattfd37
    Quote from russodem
    Some of the major hospitals (like Yale) are magnet Hospital and they hire only BSN nurses now.
    FALSE!!!!!!!!!! OMG don't answer something you know nothing about! Yale hires GN who come from Associates programs! How do I know? I've worked there for over a year as a SNA and go to school at one of the CCC. Middlesex is the only other hospital that is magnet. Just because they are magent doesn't mean they won't hire you from a 2yr program. They will expect,as you yourself should, to further your education to a BSN or MSN.
  6. by   PavementRN
    Quote from mattfd37
    FALSE!!!!!!!!!! OMG don't answer something you know nothing about!
    Don't be insulting. Yale may hire a few ADN nurses, but they HIGHLY prefer BSN nurses as do other magnet status hospitals. They need BSN nurses to keep their magnet accreditation. Most other hospitals now prefer BSN nurses as well. The job market is tough right now, and with plenty of BSNs graduating and looking for jobs, the hospitals really don't need to be hiring ADNs. Of course it's not impossible to get a new grad job as an ADN, it's just more difficult. My advice is to find a student tech job ASAP. It's the best way to get an RN job in this economy.
  7. by   mattfd37
    Quote from PavementRN
    The job market is tough right now, and with plenty of BSNs graduating and looking for jobs, the hospitals really don't need to be hiring ADNs.
    I keep forgetting that we sit for different NCLEX tests and that ADN programs have more clinical hours then BSN programs. "Most other hospitals now prefer BSN's", where are you getting your information/facts. My point is, don't post things like that without having specific knowledge. "Magnet hospitals only hire BSN's" as previously stated, is not true. So basically don't state something that is your opinion and pass it off as fact.
  8. by   PavementRN
    It is most definitely fact that a hospital will hire a BSN over an ADN. Simply more education. You're right that more clinical experience is obtained with an ADN degree, but it is still less sought after than a 4 year degree. Believe me I have nothing against ADN nurses. I work with them and think they are very competent, but if a nurse recruiter is looking at a BSN and an ADN with everything else equal, they will hire the BSN. One other fun fact for you is that the ANA would like to eventually phase out the ADN altogether. They want the entry level degree for registered nursing to be the BSN, so I'm sure hospitals kinda feel the same way seeing as how many post on their job boards, "BSN preferred."
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  9. by   SarahMaria
    I have worked at Middlesex for 13 years. I recently passed the NCLEX, and have an ADN. They will not hire me because I don't have a BSN even though I have 2 other degrees: a BA and a doctorate.
  10. by   cmfootelpn
    It's funny how Connecticut can afford to be so picky when a lot of new grad RNs don't stay after the first year with these hospitals that spend beaucoup bucks to orient and "train" them. Maybe they should focus more on employee retention than on worrying about if a new hire has an ADN vs a BSN. #justsaying
  11. by   knittygrittyRN
    @ mattfd37 I wasn't trying to be rude but I've done a ton fo clinicals at Yale and have spoken to a ton of various nursing departments there, a majority really prefer a BSN. If someone is thinking about going into nursing if they can afford the time and money I'd suggest they do their BSN now and get it out of the way. No reason to harp and say I don't know what I'm talking about. If a person's young, with no family their best bet is to get their education over with. You have a much better chance of getting hired especially when it's highly competitive. ADNs might have a ton more clinical hours but they sadly aren't treated the same by employers; I'm not saying it's fair or right that's just the way it is. For Yale to keep it's status they need a higher BSN ratio to ADN ratio that's why any nurse thats ADN they're going to push into getting their BSN. They might hire a few ADNs but not nearly as many as they used to.
  12. by   Bobbkat
    As was previously stated, Yale (it's the only hospital I can speak for) greatly prefers BSNs. Does it mean that ADN's never, ever get hired? Of course not. But if all other things are equal, a BSN will be hired over an ADN or a diploma nurse. I won't get into a commentary over whether it is right or wrong. It's just how it is.
  13. by   CTORnurse
    Not true... Yale hires a mix of both degrees... Also, if you are an RN, you cannot be hired as a student nurse tech..because you are not.

    Yale just had a big open house and I did not see anything on the flier about a BSN preference. There is a plan of action to have all magnet hospitals have 80% of their RNs with a BSN by is a link with more info.

    ANCC Magnet Recognition Program<sup>®</sup> - American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCC

    according to this website, on average about 37% of the nurses have ADN and almost 50% have BSN.
  14. by   CTORnurse
    Yale prefers solid, experienced nurses... that comes first. They go so many applicants and they are a very large healthcare organization, that there is not a problem fulfilling the BSN say they "greatly prefer" is inaccurate.

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