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  1. CTORnurse

    I'm an RN but thinking of applying as PCT.

    if you were hired as a PCA/PCT..you could not perform any of your RN duties..you would be hired as an aide, not an RN. Its called "changing hats"...I know lots of nurses who also work as EMTs and when they are working on the ambulance, they are EMTs and perform according to the policies of their job there. no liability issues because you are only expcected to perform at the level you were hired.
  2. CTORnurse

    Surgical Technologists Taking Over Nursing Roles?

    interesting posts..some of them unprofessional. I work in a BIG city , in a BIG hospital with 27 ORs and we have lots of STs and they are an invaluable member of the TEAM..yes, TEAM..something some of you are missing here. I do more than check Patients IDs and input computer work, I am the captain of the ship... I am not worried about my job in the OR( Ct. mandates that 1 RN is present per OR room)..and ,unlike a ST, I can get a job anywhere in the hospital. But, this shouldnt be the point here- I am ashamed at the attitude of some of the nurses who think that Sts aren't capable(they have had more training than I have). As for counts...every hospital has a policy and procedure to follow -regardless of who is on the team. My counting isint better than my partners (ST) What makes an OR a bad place to work? the attitude that any of is better than the other. I respect all of my colleagues. Poor attitudes and better than you attitudes compromises patient safety.
  3. Our policy is that the surgeon marks the site with his initials. In pre-op holding area, as the circulating nurse, I check the consent to be sure that it matches the schedule and that it matches the site marked. As for patients marking themselves, we don't allow it. We also dont allow the opposite site to have anything on it( sometimes we find "dont operate here" and the like), this is because it actually leads to further confusion. Our official time out is done after the surgeon scrubs and right before incision.I believe this is the protocol of WHO. If we did it as soon as we got into the room, the surgeon leaves the room to scrub...too much time for error.