What is the job market like in CO?

  1. Hello, I am looking to relocate to find work. The job market for nurses is dead in my area and I have not found a job. Colorado is one of the places I'm thinking about relocating to but I'm scared that I will move and I won't be able to find a job here as well. I don't have alot of experience so it makes it that much harder. I just wanted to get some advice about it from nurses who live in CO. Is is hard for new grads to find work here (I'm pretty much a new grad with only 6 months exp). Also, I'm an LPN, if that matters.
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  3. by   nurse2033
    The market is pretty tight here too. For some reason LPNs are not used much (if at all) in hospitals. I think most of them work in nursing homes. CNAs are used in hospitals. Colorado is a great place to live but the pay is relatively low compared to living expenses. Most nurses I know from out of state took a big pay cut. I would do a lot more research before committing yourself here. Hope this helps, good luck.
  4. by   JenniferSews
    I was fortunate to find a job in LTC after 3 months of intense looking. I have 9 months experience now and still can't get even a call back from the many applications I continue to put in at hospitals.

    The market is very tough for all nurses here.
  5. by   JulsRN
    Unfortunately it is REALLY hard here. I am a new grad as well that relocated here and I wish I had known. I don't mean to discourage you- you never know you could get lucky, but it's really rough. I've put in probably over 100 applications to various places and just can't seem to break through the wall. I've known several new grads that have relocated to Texas and have gotten jobs right away. Good luck!
  6. by   eliselu2
    LPNs are not used in hospitals r/t scope of practice (can't do 1st assessment, no IV, no delegation, etc.) Kaiser hires hundreds of LPNs although the application and interview process is lenghty. They do pay well and have good benefits, if you are okay w/ a union environment. Otherwise, I wouldn't move here unless you have a job offer in hand.
    I am one of those new grad RNs who will be moving out of state for a new grad program. I have 5+ years of healthcare experience (CNA/LPN) and still can't find a job as a new grad RN. The facility I worked at had a miniscule new grad class (6 total) and if you didnt' do a sr practicum there or have the CNS as your instructor, you didn't get hired as a new grad... seriously none, of the new grads were employees. (Totally frustrating!) I know nurses who have been out of a school for almost a year and have yet to get a nibble here in CO. That being said, I'm headed out of state as well for a year or so but the family is staying here.
    Good Luck! :-)
  7. by   hope3456
    And the nursing schools continue to saturate the market
  8. by   GaGirl36
    I moved to Colorado about a year and a half ago from Georgia with work, have been an LPN for 14 years. I was in administration for the past 5 years, transferred to Denver in the same position, hated the clinic and resigned. I continued to work for the same dialysis company but work as an LPN and am treated as if I am not a nurse, called a technician. Can't perform ANY nursing duties. Think twice before moving here, if you enjoy working as a nurse.. Kiss that goodbye
  9. by   mjb0719
    Does anyone know where in Texas new grads get hired? I have been looking since last May and I can't get a job!
  10. by   MoriahRoseRN
    Where in Colorado are you thinking about relocating? It is a very tough job market here. Ft Carson hospital hires LPN's frequently in the clinics. They also hire on the mother-baby ward. Call 719-526-7000 and ask for the mother baby ward. I would talk to the head nurse. Good luck! BTW, you must have graduated from an NLN or CCNE accredited school.
  11. by   jdanruck
    Colorado's job market does not sound promising ... but I have been working as a NA or tech in the ER and work on a diabetes research project for kids so I feel like I at least have some experience for when I graduate! Hopefully I won't have to be a NA much longer after I graduate, but I would love to do it if it means I am better qualified for a job.
  12. by   rebk
    I must say, I am an extremely frustrated RN. I graduated almost 8 years ago with my BSN, and have lived in northern CO almost 7 years. It is EXTREMELY difficult find a job here. I have put in countless applications all over northern CO, and all of Denver, and not one call back. Not one! We will be moving as soon as I get a job elsewhere since I am now applying for jobs all over the country. I have been told by a handful of nurse recruiters that CO, especially northern CO, is one of the most saturated areas for nursing in the U.S. One example of difficulty is the charge nurse in the TCU of my local hospital advertised a PER DIEM RN position-got over 100 applications!! WTH?! Colorado is not THAT great!! Wish you all the best!
  13. by   Cosmos81
    I moved to Colorado Springs with my husband who is in the Air Force. I was working as a nurse in Germany, where I was born, since 2005. I worked and studied hard to pass the NCLEX and now I am a RN and can not find a job. I keep sending out applications online but nobody seems to hire nurses with an Associates degree and my workexperience from Germany (2 years general medical, 3 years ER) doesn't seem to count.
    I am a little frustrated, specially because I left a job I loved in Germany and I hate it not to work.