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  1. I am looking to get into working with substance abuse patients. I did my preceptorship in a community drug-alcohol outreach program. Since then, I have worked a little in psych, and some LTC. I do not know how to make the transition from PRN LTC RN, ...
  2. Albuquerque Job Outlooks?

    Thank you!! I am applying all over the country as I'm typing this. I will move anywhere!
  3. Albuquerque Job Outlooks?

    Honestly, I have no idea if it will change anytime soon. I hope no one else experiences/feels the way I do right now. It just sucks! I do have some work history, but mostly in LTC, and that is why it is so difficult to get into acute care now. I am f...
  4. Albuquerque Job Outlooks?

    Hi. I am a RN, BSN, graduated almost 8 years ago. I was told recently, by more than one recruiter, that New Mexico is one of the best places for nurses to find a job. I live in Colorado, north of Denver, and am constantly applying, all over! For year...
  5. Can someone give me advice? please?

    Thank you so much. I am applying right now! I really appreciate your help.
  6. What is the job market like in CO?

    I must say, I am an extremely frustrated RN. I graduated almost 8 years ago with my BSN, and have lived in northern CO almost 7 years. It is EXTREMELY difficult find a job here. I have put in countless applications all over northern CO, and all of De...
  7. Hello. I am new to this forum. I graduated with my BSN in 2003. I made the mistake of not going straight into acute care. I started out in a dementia unit, and have worked in adolescent psych and adult psych. In between these brief jobs, I have moved...