UCH Residency Program July 2013

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    Hello! I am interested in the residency program at UCH that starts in July, anyone else?

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    I'm planning on applying.
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    Hm, I didn't know they had one! I might, if they have what I want!
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    Never mind, I can't. I am doing a LPN-BSN and they don't let "us" apply. Stupid! Anyway....good luck!
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    Are you from Colorado?
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    I thought about it. But July is so far away..
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    I am not from Colorado.
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    I too plan to apply. I am from CA.
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    UCH is a great hospital... If you can apply, I would! I went to university of Colorado for my bachelors in nursing and did many of my clinicals there. They were super difficult, but I never imagined how much I could learn from them. The nurses there are young and amazingly bright. Very helpful environment. I would be working there if I had not moved back to California... Now I'm on the ultimate job search.. Flying to Houston next week for an interview! Can't wait! Good luck everyone!
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    Thank you so much ! I think I am mostly worried about what state I should sit for to get licensed, I live in FL. But I want this more than anything so if it is meant to be.... And Congratulations, I hope it works out for you!!

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