New graduate moving to colorado please help!

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    Hello all!
    I am looking for some help and guidance from those who know about the RN job market in Colorado! I am a soon to be graduate from New York University! I have high expectations and aspirations for my career. I have heard that the job market is not promise out in Colorado and I would like any advice / help / information about what the job market is like for newly graduated RNs. I have grown up in NY my whole life, and I am very much looking forward to this exciting change of scenery. My boyfriend will be going to graduate school, so we are planning on moving at the end of July/beginning of august. I have done very well in my nursing program and although the job market is not great in NYC, but I would undoubtedly be able to get a job here.....and I would be nervous if this is not the case in CO.

    We would be living in the Golden area, but I would be willing to travel to Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and any other area which is an hour / hour and half away. Please let me know ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you know about RN jobs here, along with any advise you have! I want to move very badly but I need to make smart decisions and make sure there is a job market out there for me, I give myself until the end of September to land a job because my loan repayments start in November. Thank you SO SO SO much!

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    If I were you, I would not come out here to find your first job. I would stay in NY and gain experience there. It is a TOUGH market out here. The nursing market is saturated with new grads due to all the nursing schools here. I graduated last march and it took me until august to find my first nursing job. I work at a denver area hospital on a med/surg floor. Although it's not my dream job, I had to take it, because there is nothing out here for new grads. All job descriptions require 1-2 years of nursing experience.

    Have you started applying? Have you talked to any of the nurse recruiters at the hospitals? that may help.
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    Hi Lizzie,
    Wow, it really doesn't sound good out there. Thank you for your advice. My program ends next week, I graduate May 16th. I will be taking the NCLEX first week in July. I have just started looking, I will take you advice and begin to contact everyone and anyone I can. I agree, my dream job is the ICU, but I am not opposed to getting experience and settling for med-surg for a year. Other than being accepted to the few residency programs out there, med-surg really seems as the only logical option at this point. Thank you so much. :-/
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    check out the Denver Post online and look at the help wanted ads. Look up the list of hospitals in the Golden area. I am not very computer savvy but I know there has to be a way to do that! Start contacting nurse recruiters now. I would venture to guess if you are willing to work nights you might have a better chance but I also know the job market here is very tight. Best of luck to you!
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    I am doing that as we speak! Making an excel sheet and will call all nurse recruiters and hospitals I can between class tomorrow! I actually prefer nights so I guess that is a plus! Thank you so much for the advice!
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    St Anthony Central is relocating to Lakewood, Co in June and I have heard many nurses don't want to have to make the move because of the increase in their commute. You might look into that...
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    I would definitely apply to the University of Colorado Hospital Nurse Residency program if you wanted to get straight into an ICU position. Its a great program, but very competitive. I believe the application is due soon, and you would need to move your NCLEX date up if you wanted to be eligible for the program. The hospital is about a 45 minute drive from Golden.
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    Thank you so much! I am actually mailing in my application tomorrow! I heard it is a great program but super competitive... and I am trying to get ICU shadowing experience in the next few months so I am eligible for the ICU, but it is so tough getting the ability to get hours in the ICU. So we shall see! Thanks for the info!
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    I also suggest St. Anthony's Central. The new hospital is opening in June and is VERY close to Golden. I would not apply anywhere in Colorado Springs; the drive would be horrible and easily over an hour from Golden. If it snows you don't want anything to do with the I-25 drive to get there. Golden is a great town and centrally located. Good luck to you. Check the websites for Centura Health and Health One for openings; also Denver Health. Lutheran Hospital is also close to Golden but I know nothing about their hiring situation.
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    I agree with Lizzie21, unless you have a job lined up i would stay where you can get some experience and keep applying here. my friend moved out here with her boyfriend last year. the only place she could get a job was at a adolescent rehab center, not even doing nursing tasks. she ended up having to move back to her home state to get a job because she was unable to find one here.
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