Don't come to Colorado Springs....please!!!!!!!!

  1. 1 Attention new grauates, military spouses and nurses thinking of relocating to Colorado Springs. We have a surplus of RN's here and it is difficult to get a job. Please stay away so those of us who are here will have a fighting chance of finding work!
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    I honestly find this very rude! Being a military spouse, I do not get the choice of where to relocate. I've read your previous threads, and it appears that you are employed; so why the post?????
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    This makes no sense at all. What audacity do you have to tell others not to locate to your area. This has to be the dumbest thread I've ever read. People are fighting for jobs all over the United States. I don't know what strange motive you have behind this post but its very vindictive and unprofessional. If you are that weary of competition it would behoove you to step up your game. Even if people didn't relocate I doubt that would lessen the competition or better your chances of getting a job with an attitude like yours. If you thought this was being helpful its not...that's like saying please everyone on Allnurses please don't apply to Job X because I really want it...thanks for understanding. Get real. Crazy crazy crazy. As far as military spouses you should know better...military families go where they have orders....hey OP next time dont post just tell Obama and the govt to make sure he puts no more military in Colorado.......
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    Stay away so those of us here can find work....

    really?? I don't want to be an ******* so I'm going to assume you're joking.
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    Is she aware that it's not just her particular area? I'm pretty sure military have to go where they're told. In regards to everyone else, well they're going to apply wherever they can in the country, and that includes Colorado Springs.
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    On that note don't come to California either
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    Hello, fellow nurses....Yes, I wrote the comment about not coming to Colorado Springs "tongue in cheek" --and of course did not mean it in a rude or audacious manner! Naturally, I know that military spouses do not have a choice of locations!

    This was obviously a very feeble effort to make a statement about the job market here for RN's, and I am sorry if I offended anybody!
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    Ah! Understood! Well, we must get to know one another better so your humor isn't lost on me =]

    A lot are probably touchy because you're right about the job market. super competitive and limited. It's really depressing!

    I didn't mean to jump down your throat and I apologize.
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    Quote from hello sammi
    Ah! Understood! Well, we must get to know one another better so your humor isn't lost on me =]

    A lot are probably touchy because you're right about the job market. super competitive and limited. It's really depressing!

    I didn't mean to jump down your throat and I apologize.
    Thanks, Sammi for understanding. I happen to be a military wife and know the choices we have to make. Best always, LuLu
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    My husband is at Fort Carson as well. I'm even considering witching my major from pre-nursing to pre-pharmacy...The PharmD program is a lot less competitive [in comparison to nursing]. It's really rough for nurses out here.

    How long have you been here in the springs?
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    Just found this post.

    I had to leave my beloved Colorado Spgs in 1992 (yes, 1992) when I graduated...because there were no jobs then either, for new grads. Not only the Spgs., but all along the FR.

    One person in my class attained a position in a LTC facility in a remote area somewhere on the western slope.

    The rest of us either did not find work, or left the state.
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    I am a recent graduate of Beth-El College of Nursing, part of UCCS. And the situation is the same as it was 20 years ago. There are hardly any hospital jobs for the loads of new graduates that have graduated from nursing schools along the front range. Some new grads in my class were fortunate to get jobs, even dream jobs, at Memorial and Penrose-St. Francis. Others will have to look elsewhere. That's what I did. I am now going to relocate to North Dakota.

    I am going to miss the mountains. How I love to see Pikes Peak every morning. Now this will be the first year I will miss seeing the first permanent snow on Pikes Peak. That's going to suck. North Dakota is nothing more than farms filled with corn and sunflowers. No mountains.
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    Those beautiful mountains of Colorado are enticing I think I will apply for work there

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