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Hello everyone! I am starting this thread for those of you who are interested in the process of getting into Denver School of Nursing. Throughout the years, I have found that not many nursing students are willing to offer much... Read More

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    Thanks Angel for your positive comments. Below is a positive review posted today on the nasty website that's linked in a comment above. Check out the so called "Humor" page on this site, real classy. It even says on the "About Us" page that they won't post any positive blogs. Several of my friends that still attend DSN have tried to send positive comments like the one below because they're really mad about these comments , but they only stay on one day then get wiped off by however runs the web site. So here's one I saw today and I'm not going to waste any more time talking about this bogus site.

    I love DSN! says:

    January 26, 2012 at 11:56 am

    I am a current student at DSN and am enjoying my education. I feel I have had great clinical sites. DSN has placements all over the metro area…Denver Health, Swedish, North Suburban, Avista, Platte Vally, Pueblo mental health just to name a few. My professors have been very professional and ALL have advanced degrees. Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us who enjoy this school!!

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    To Nursedenver, thank you for responding. Keep me posted on how it's going. I can't wait to finish my pre-reqs and apply. Thanks again
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    i will angel and good luck to you with the rest of your prereqs. check out the article about nclex pass rates for dsn that was in the denver post this saturday. very cool!

    denver school of nursing grads exceed licensing-exam averages - the denver post
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    I am applying for the July 2013 start and I am so nervous about applying/trying to get into nursing school. I really want to go to DSN and do the BSN program with previous college credit, but nervous about the placement exam. I am looking for advice about getting in etc. I have a ton of awesome volunteer work, but no work experience in the hospital. I will have completed all pre reqs by May 2013- and all from a Colorado community college. I'm not nervous about the interview part- just want to get accepted! I have only applied to DSN and CU, but CU seems so much bigger and so hard to get into.
    Any advice will help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about getting in, taking the exam, literally anything! Thanks!
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    Hi Sweeto413,

    I am in a similar position, but I'm seeking an April 2013 start. I had my interview with the admissions director a couple weeks ago, and it is just as other people have described it. The director does 95% of the talking, you take a tour of the school, get your "plan" laid out, talk about financial aid if you need it. As you said, nothing to worry about.

    I'd love to hear some input about the admissions process as well. I'm scheduled to take my HESI before Christmas, and I should do well because the material is quite simple and I've been studying. I also have nearly all of the other requirements for admission out of the way, have taken pathophys, have hospital volunteer experience, BLS-CPR, etc. All I need to do is get a physical, drug screen and TB+Flu immunizations. Assuming I pass HESI, I should get in, right? Anyone care to contribute their two cents? I appreciate your thoughts, thanks very much.
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    I found the process to be relatively painless. The HESI is easy, and the staff were super easy to get in touch with for any q's I had throughout my admission. There is also a background check(online) to submit, as well as a mandatory financial aid meeting before orientation. Overall it seems well streamlined for new students. Good luck in school.
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    Ok, so I know a few of you have already said the interview wasn't bad at all. I'm just looking for a little more reassurance I have an interview coming up in a few weeks. For those of you who have had an interview, how much preparation would you suggest? I am assuming that they ask you why you want to be a nurse etc. What other questions should I be prepared to answer? Have any of you heard of anyone having an interview and not getting in based on their interview? Another words, is the interview a way to weed people out or is it just a formality? Thank you for this thread! It has really eased my anxiety and made me super excited about DSN. ANY other input about the acceptance process would be greatly appreciated!
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    I see people suggesting to take patho if possible before first term, but where have you taken it? I can't find any online classes that have 5 credits.
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    Hi! I am also taking the placement exam and interviewing on March 6th! I am so excited, yet so nervous!!! I am more nervous for the placement exam than for the interview. I freeze during multiple choice exams-but I do have a strong GPA! When do you have your exam/interview? Email me at if you would like!
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    How did your placement exam go? I interview and take the exam here in a few weeks. I am not nervous for the interview, but I am extremely nervous for the placement exam. I have been studying like crazy! Do they just want you to get a 75% or higher? Any advice will help.

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